Our History

The History of the Internet Agency sunzinet

A strong foundation for healthy growth

We sometimes have the feeling that we are part of the Internet for so long because we can still remember the time when it looked "black and white". Of course, that is true to a limited extent. Some of our team members are familiar with the Internet since its beginning, a time when no pictures have existed and when the charm of the Internet was only limited to the exchange of unformatted text on black-green tube monitors. Fortunately, that's over! Also the formation of our company in 1999 can be called historical.


Usability for SMEs with "Simply usable"

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer FIT and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, sunzinet AG established a usability procedure model for SMEs. Get more information about the project "Simply usable".


Establishment of "Akademie für Digitales"

The „Akademie für Digitales“ (academy for digital issues) was founded by sunzinet in 2012. Since then, our employees convey practical user knowledge. Due to the long experience in business, a solid base is provided and the gap between theory and practice is perfectly bridged.


Establishment of a branch office in Frankfurt

The customer growth in the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main area encouraged the decision to form a first branch in the heart of Frankfurt – the branch office as a new bridgehead in a beautiful region with strong growth.


Headquater moved from Bonn to Cologne

The expansion of our business in the Cologne area as well as the need for new employees was reason enough for the relocation to Cologne.


First year as a Full-Service Agency

Alex Gruhler was appointed to the board as a partner. To meet the requirements of a full-service internet agency, three departments were reconstituted in 2007: Conception, design and editing.


Change in the Top Management - new guidelines

From this year on, Georges Wolff led the agency as sole member of the board and developed technological skills.


Change of company's name into a joint-stock company

sunzinet changed the legal form of the corporation GbR. However, the shares remained in private hand of the agency’s board members.


Formation of the Internet Agency

In 1999, the Internet agency sunzinet was established as a partnership of three young entrepreneurs in Bonn, who shared their passion for virtual worlds. One of the three founding fathers – Georges Wolff – successfully leads the agency until today.