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Artistical: New website for Verwertungs­gesellschaft (VG) Bild-Kunst

In April, sunzinet scented artistic air: We were allowed to implement the website relaunch of VG Bild-Kunst

Artistical design

The new website convinces by a fresh design that optimally matches with the reputation of VG Bild-Kunst and its target group. Various artists are visually introduced on the homepage. Funny effect: In the course of the early evening, the pictures change from colorful to black-and-white.

Service is high priority

The concept of service has priority: Both a clear navigation and an appealing preparation of contents enable the target groups to call up desired information. Functions like the “test of knowledge on copyright” as well as the “search for artists” revalue the side additionally.

About VG Bild-Kunst

VG Bild-Kunst stands up for the rights of image copyright holders in Germany. The company concludes agreements with users, controls the receipt of the stipulated payment and distributes the money to the beneficiary. Besides, the VG Bild-Kunst is active in strengthening copyrights at national and international level.

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