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Panasonic speeds up internal processes with Digital Workplace

Digital Transformation Intranet, Extranet, Digital Workplace

Especially for companies with international locations, it is essential that employees can access important documents - regardless of time and place! This is why we have implemented a Digital Workplace for the company Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe (PASEU). Information of all kinds is bundled here: Work aids, process descriptions or onboarding documents to support work processes. Last but not least, this also saves working time - because nobody is looking for files anymore!

Digital Workplace für Panasonic von sunzient

Uniform internal communication for all locations

As a central communication platform, the digital workplace integrates all offices throughout Europe equally: Internal news or events are announced via the open news channel. This means that employees at every location are directly informed about company news. Thanks to the mobile access, Panasonic staff can easily exchange information with each other while on the move. Social contact with colleagues outside the office is therefore also easy!

Intuitive use in everyday work? With optimal user experience!

A Digital Workplace is only effective if all employees actually integrate it as a fixed component of their everyday work. This requires a good user experience! To achieve this, we put ourselves in the user's shoes and asked ourselves: What does he need to feel comfortable and find his way around the Digital Workplace? Simple answer: a clear structure, a self-explanatory navigation and a search function. We have thus created a digital workplace for Panasonic that gives employees a good feeling right away and creates a lasting corporate identity.

Last update: 20.05.2020

Digital Transformation Intranet, Extranet, Digital Workplace

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