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We are HubSpot Gold-Partner!

Digital Transformation

sunzinet and HubSpot go one step further in their relationship and are now Gold Partners. This promises further advantages for joint projects in the future. HubSpot is an all-round solution for inbound marketing and offers a comprehensive software platform for marketing, sales and customer service. Thanks to the Gold partnership, our customers can use the software ideally to draw attention to their company, generate leads and convince users with an optimal service. 

sunzinet ist HubSpot Gold Partner

Golden advantages

Thanks to the extended partnership between sunzinet and HubSpot, we are able to offer our customers additional services. Gold status gives us early access to valuable inbound marketing resources and enables us to provide our customers with even more targeted advice. Furthermore, there is direct communication between our agency and the software provider, which makes the processes uncomplicated and fast. In addition, HubSpot guarantees support and training so that our employees are always up to date with the latest innovations in the marketing tool.

Allround-tool for inbound marketing 

HubSpot's platform is aimed at marketing, sales and customer service. As a marketing automation software it supports companies in optimizing, automating and measuring marketing strategies and workflows. At the beginning, the attention of the user is reached by search engine optimized content such as blog posts, e-books or videos. HubSpot then offers various options for turning traffic into leads. These can be, for example, landing pages or calls to action. The all-round tool focuses on gathering all the necessary information to help customers in important areas at all times. Ultimately, the aim is to convince and inspire the new customers in the long term.

Last update: 15.10.2019

Digital Transformation

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