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The task

New intranet solution for modern social news platform

As a group of companies, the DuMont Media Group employs around 3,500 people at various locations. In the course of the restructuring, the business areas of the media company were decentralised and autonomously located under the umbrella of DuMont Holding. This also changed the demands on the already existing intranet that SUNZINET realised for DuMont in the past. The new intranet should continue to be used as an overarching communication platform, but should also take into account the individual cultures within the respective business areas. Very importantly, in view of the new structures, the new solution had to be established as a central platform to inform all employees across the group. Because the intranet in use was also technically outdated, SUNZINET was given the task of identifying a new technology that would be suitable for all stakeholders.

DuMont Mediengruppe Intranet

The challenge and our solution

Define and agree complex stakeholder requirements

Since the market now offers many different systems for an intranet, it is not easy to make a suitable decision. Therefore, the first step is to clearly define and agree on the requirements of all stakeholders. For this reason, we first concentrated on naming the project goals and needs of the DuMont stakeholders in a one-to-one manner: Through a lean analysis phase with stakeholder interviews, we learned first-hand about the needs, desires and requirements.

Then, together with all stakeholders, we bundled the requirements for a new intranet technology in a digital kick-off workshop - realistic, target-oriented and based on practical experience. For an optimal technology recommendation, the next step was to compare all suitable tools on the market, including tests and use case considerations. Afterwards, we were able to summarize a narrower software selection as a best-of list and finally make our recommendation.

DuMont Mediengruppe Intranet
  • DuMont Media Group Intranet sunzinet AG
  • DuMont Media Group Intranet sunzinet AG
  • DuMont Media Group Intranet sunzinet AG
  • The result

    Out-of-the-box solution combines all requirements and enables flexible personalization

    The decision: a future-proof out-of-the-box intranet solution. After extensive consideration, an in-house technology won the race. This offers the possibility of integrating third-party providers and has a newsfeed. As a result, all employees of the DuMont Media Group are now centrally supplied with the necessary information - and at the same time the cultures of the individual business units are communicated individually. Big plus: The technology is completely customizable to the requirements and needs of the individual stakeholders.

    Proven once again: Cooperation with SUNZINET creates clarity for further project procedure

    For the second time in a row, DuMont chose us as a competent partner for their digital project. And thanks to our many years of experience in the field of intranet and digital workplace, we found a powerful solution together with DuMont. With the clarity gained from this, the media group finally managed to successfully implement their in-house relaunch of the social news platform.

    About DuMont

    The DuMont Group of companies, headquartered in Cologne, is one of the largest and oldest German media houses and is now managed by the 12th generation. The company is one of the largest traditional media companies in Germany and looks back on 401 years of successful history.

    DuMont Mediengruppe Intranet
    DuMont Mediengruppe Intranet