What is important to us

We are not satisfied with 08/15 and passion for our job is not an empty phrase for us. Our 5 values reflect the demands we place on ourselves and our work. They are valuable guidelines that help us to find the red thread every day in case we have lost it.

Communication is our top priority. This also includes a good feedback culture, which is truly exceptional thanks to our feelgood team!




We love what we do and we want to carry away, infect and grow together!



Our work stands for quality and we do everything we can to achieve this.



Together we lay the foundation for a positive environment and productive cooperation. Even in hectic moments, mutual respect is important to us.



We take responsibility together and trust each other. We always go forward courageously and have our constant further development in mind.


On the pulse

We always keep an eye on the latest technology. Our standards not only advance us, but also our customers.

These values do not come by chance: All colleagues were able to collect their own favourite values in a half-day workshop. In the end, we were able to identify exactly the values that drive us, electrify us and motivate us every day. You want to be part of our team? We are looking forward to your application!