Johannesbad Group


A total of 10 in Germany and Austria


Around 2.000


Since 1964 on market

The challenge

A central and efficient communication platform with added value: We have successfully solved this task for the Johannesbad Group. With the new intranet, it was important for our customer to find relevant and personalized company information quickly and to ensure optimal user guidance.

Johannesbad Group
Johannesbad Communication Platform

Our solution

Powerful intranet for all locations

Based on SharePoint 2013, we have developed a modern Digital Workplace for Johannesbad. The new Joba-Net focuses above all on current company news and internal communication. Each branch has its own intranet, which is made up of site-spanning and site-specific menu items. In this way, each employee receives content that is individually tailored and localized for him or her.

Johannesbad Group
  • Johannesbad Group Homepage Sunzinet
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  • Johannesbad Group News page Sunzinet
  • The new Joba-Net:

    Central and personal, local and global

    Johannesbad Communication Platform

    The news teasers of the ten site start pages each consist of central company news of the Johannesbad Group and specific site news. Additional teasers can be customized within each location to display and highlight relevant branch or group content present on the home page. The editors of the Intranet have eight different designs at their disposal for the presentation of the picture galleries, such as slider or tile views.

    About the Johannesbad Group

    The Johannesbad Group is one of the leading healthcare service providers in the German-speaking world. In 2014, the Group celebrated its 50th anniversary and established the new motto "Health is our life". The head office is located in Bad Füssing, Lower Bavaria, the company headquarters is in Saarbrücken. The core competencies of the group are in health and medicine, the hotel industry, company health management (BGM) as well as training and further education.

    Johannesbad Communication Platform
    Johannesbad Communication Platform