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    Customer Experience Consulting

    Holistic CX optimization through innovative strategies. Delight your customers along the entire customer journey and achieve higher customer satisfaction and long-term growth.

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    We help you design positive customer experiences that lead to measurable success and growth.


    Was bedeutet Customer Experience?

    Was ist eigentlich CX, warum ist das für unser Business wichtig und wie sorge ich in meinem Unternehmen für bessere Kundenerlebnisse? Alle Antworten finden Sie in unserem Ratgeber zum Thema Customer Experience.  


    CX-Consulting with SUNZINET. That's why.

    • CX as a self-image: To convey a positive experience with our products, services and last but not least with ourselves, is the demand on us and our work. Completely independent of the role in the company. 
    • CX as a quality criterion: Even if we are only responsible for part of the customer journey, we always look at the entire experience of your customers with your services. By testing holistic customer journeys, we ensure that the overall experience is right at the end of the customer journey. 
    • CX and courage: Because CX is about making a positive human impression, we encourage all employees to work hard to deliver the best possible CX for the sake of the bottom line. Under the guiding principle "When in doubt, talk it out," we also have 170 CX consultants working simultaneously with more than 170 employees.
    • CX and measurability: Even if customer experiences cannot be measured directly, it makes sense to gather insights by collecting suitable indicators. To better capture the complexity of the experience, we typically incorporate a variety of metrics that capture the different dimensions and serve as a starting point for managing and optimizing their performance.

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    • How can CX Consulting help differentiate in the marketplace and create a competitive advantage?

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      CX Consulting can help differentiate in the marketplace and create a competitive advantage by helping companies better understand and respond to their customers' needs and expectations. By focusing on the customer experience and ensuring it is positive and seamless, companies can increase customer loyalty and engagement. Customers who have a positive experience with a company are more likely to buy again, recommend it to others, and even accept higher prices. By providing a great CX, companies can also strengthen their brand and stand out from the competition by providing a unique experience that customers won't soon forget. By working with a CX consulting firm, companies can also benefit from their experience and best practices to optimize their CX strategy and measure and improve success.

    • How can the success of customer experience consulting be measured?

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      The success of Customer Experience Consulting can be measured by various factors, such as customer satisfaction, customer retention and loyalty, Net Promoter Score (NPS), revenue development or increased efficiency in customer contact. A successful CX strategy should therefore not only focus on optimizing customer interactions, but also take into account the company's business objectives. Regular monitoring and analysis of these KPIs makes it possible to evaluate and continuously improve the effectiveness of CX initiatives.

    • What makes a good customer experience strategy?

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      A good CX strategy is characterized by a clear and consistent focus on the needs and expectations of customers. All relevant touchpoints should be identified and specifically optimized to create a positive customer journey. A good CX strategy also takes into account the connection of online and offline experiences as well as the involvement of employees in order to create a holistic customer experience. Furthermore, continuous monitoring and analysis of customer feedback and data is essential to measure the effectiveness of the strategy and make adjustments. Finally, a good CX strategy should also be agile and flexible to respond to changes in the market and customer needs.