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  • SUNZINET: Your partner for Shopware implementation.

    With over 20 years of experience, 10+ Shopware experts, and 50+ successfully completed Shopware projects, we deliver tailored solutions for your e-commerce projects.

  • Services Overview

    As a full-service Shopware agency, we provide a wide range of services including e-commerce consulting, development, design, customization, migration to Shopware 6, maintenance, support, training, and SEO/digital marketing. With us, you can benefit from comprehensive assistance in creating and optimizing your online stores. Increase your customer's cart value and achieve business success with our Shopware solutions.

  • Why use Shopware?

    Shopware is a user-friendly e-commerce platform with 3,500+ plugins, built-in marketing tools, and SEO capabilities. It prioritizes responsive shopping experiences and seamlessly integrated storefronts. With its headless architecture and API-first approach, you can customize your shop and utilize features such as CMS, PIM, and OMS. The active community offers themes and support for effortless scaling of your online shop.

Full Service Digitalagentur - German Design Award Winner 2020
Full Service Digitalagentur - German Design Award Winner 2020
Red Dot Award winner
Digitalagentur SUNZINET - German Design Award 2022 Special - flat
German Brand Award Winner 2021
Full Service Digitalagentur - Annual Multimedia Awards
Digitalagentur SUNZINET - German Design Award 2022 Special - flat
German Brand Award Winner 2017
German Brand Award Winner 2020
German Design Award Special 2022
Full Service Digitalagentur - German Design Award 2018 Winner-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom
Webentwickler-Agentur - CSSDA Website Nominee
Staffbase Voices - Bestes Team für interne Kommunikation Award Winner

Shopware Agency

With Shopware, our Shopware experts create high-performance online shops that are user-friendly, and provide an optimal shopping experience to increase your customer's cart value.


Certified Shopware Silver Partner

As a Shopware agency and partner, we provide Shopware consultancy. Our consultants assess your e-commerce business and help with planning and executing Shopware migrations, customization, performance optimization, and ensuring the platform's proper functioning. 

As Shopware partners, we have been working closely with Shopware for many years. 
For you, this means: We have first-hand access to the latest module innovations and trends. Our certified Shopware developers get the most out of your e-commerce project.

We are at your side when it comes to Shopware 5 to 6 Migration. 
Learn more about the migration here

Our Shopware services at a glance 

  • Shopware Consultancy
  • Integration of Shopware 6 into your system landscape and connection to existing systems
  • Conception (UX), creation (UI) and implementation of an online shop based on your corporate design specifications.

  • Migration or update of your shop system:
    - Migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6
    - Migration from other shop systems to Shopware 6

Unsere Shopware-Experten


Wojciech Wojciechowski

  • shopware dev
  • pimcore_senior-developer__1_
Daniel Keller - Knowledge Lead E-Commerce - SUNZINET

Daniel Keller

E-commerce Consultant
Inga Feischen - Project Management - SUNZINET

Inga Feischen

E-commerce Consultant
  • Pimcore Certified Pimcore Consultant Badge
Marcel Epler - Senior Consultant & Solution Architect - SUNZINET

Marcel Epler

Solution Architect

Vsevolod Küppers

  • shopware
  • csm_shopware-certified-template-developer_1c5361d4ba
Maurice Fink-570x570

Maurice Fink

  • shopware dev

Carlos Reicheneder

  • csm_shopware-certified-template-developer_1c5361d4ba
  • pimcore_1_

Tomasz Komoszeski

  • shopware dev
  • vuejs

Unsere Kunden

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Even Better!

Here are a few of the top-integrations for Shopware 6

PIM Systems

By integrating Shopware with PIM systems such as Pimcore or Akeneo, you benefit from improved product data management. In addition, you gain deep insights into the buying behaviour of your shop visitors, which you can use to optimise your online shop and increase revenue.

Pimcore silver Partner BadgeLogo_akeneo


CRM & Marketing Automation

Manage and optimise customer relationships by integrating Shopware with CRM & marketing automation systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce and let your marketing and sales activity run on autopilot.

sunzinet-hubspot-gold-partner Salesforce-partner-badge



Good reasons for choosing Shopware

  • Easy handling for you as shop owner 

  • Straightforward product playout in your various sales channels

  • Strong unification of commerce and content through cross-channel experiences independent of content and end device 

  • Individual, graphic design 

  • Innovative tools 

  • Support and training center 

  • Individual shopping experiences through the Shopware shopping worlds  

Strong partnership

Stefan Zessel_Shopware

We value our partnership with SUNZINET very much!

Because with SUNZINET it is simply fun to get the best performance out of online stores together - thanks to open communication, constructive exchange, structured cooperation and strong expertise. We are very excited about our next, joint projects!"

Stefan Zessel Director Sales | Shopware

Our Shopware projects


Umsatzsteigerung von 36 % durch Shop-Relaunch in 14 Tagen

Leguano, ein führender Barfußschuhlieferant mit über 100 Filialen in Deutschland, hatte technische Probleme, als die Unterstützung für ihr altes Magento-Shop-System endete. Aus diesem Grund haben wir ihre Website innerhalb von 2 Wochen mit Shopware 6 neu gestartet. Als Full-Service-Agentur haben wir zusätzlich eine End-to-End-Unterstützung einschließlich Beratung, Konzeption, Entwicklung, Inhaltsverwaltung und digitalem Marketing bereitgestellt.

Boesner - teaser Bild

International multishop with Shopware Enterprise & TYPO3 for boesner

As boesner's e-commerce partner, we implemented the company's international website so that there is a unification of the individual country websites. Our goal was to strengthen brand awareness and improve the customer experience.

Let's talk personally!

As soon as you have sent the form, we will contact you, either by phone or with a proposal for an appointment.

Simona Mayer
Head of Business Development

+49 221 / 355 009 0

  • What is Shopware?

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    Shopware is an open source e-commerce platform that offers a range of functions for creating and managing online shops.

  • Who is Shopware suitable for?

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    Shopware is suitable for small to large online retailers and e-commerce businesses that need a user-friendly and powerful platform for their online shop. Shopware offers a flexible architecture to create an individual and customisable e-commerce solution. It is particularly suitable for businesses that require customization options, advanced features high functionality and multiple integrations to various tools.