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      • SUNZINET: Your Partner for Symfony Projects

        Over 20 years of experience, 20+ Symfony experts, 100+ successfully completed Symfony projects. We deliver customized solutions for your websites, intranets or mobile applications.

      • Our Symfony Services

        Professional Symfony development for custom web applications. Our Symfony experts offer first-class solutions in the areas of web design, backend development and performance optimization. Trust our Symfony agency for scalable, secure and SEO-friendly websites.

      • Why use Symfony?

        Symfony, the leading PHP framework, offers unbeatable benefits: Robust performance, flexible customization, comprehensive security, and an active community. With Symfony, you get a custom solution optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Rely on Symfony to revolutionize your web projects and outperform the competition.

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      Full Service Digitalagentur - German Design Award Winner 2020
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      Our services as Symfony agency

      • Symfony Web-Development
        We build powerful web applications using the Symfony framework that are both functional and scalable. From simple websites to complex enterprise applications, Symfony provides the ideal platform.
      • Customization & Extension
        Based on your organization's unique needs, we customize existing Symfony applications and extend them with new features to ensure a tailored solution.
      • API Integration with Symfony
        We use Symfony to develop robust and secure API endpoints that allow seamless integration with other systems and services. This ensures the interoperability of your applications.
      • Migration & Upgrade
        If you are already using an older Symfony version or another platform, we can help you smoothly upgrade or migrate to the latest Symfony versions to benefit from the latest features and security enhancements.
      • Symfony Training & Consulting
        In addition to development, we offer training and consulting to educate your team on Symfony best practices and provide strategic recommendations for future development.
      • Maintenance & Support
        After implementation, we keep your Symfony application running smoothly and up-to-date with regular updates, security checks, and bug fixes.

      Our Customers: We are growth partners of

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      Some of our experts - who will support you!

      Marcel Epler - Senior Consultant & Solution Architect - SUNZINET

      Marcel Epler

      Senior Consultant & Solution Architect
      Stephan Ritter - Solution Architect - SUNZINET

      Stephan Ritter

      Solution Architect
      Kevin Szabò - Knowledge Lead Enterprise Architecture & Senior Developer - SUNZINET

      Kevin Szabò

      • Zertifizierte HubSpot Experten - Digitalagentur SUNZINET
      Stephan Schmitz - Product Owner & Knowledge Lead JavaScript Frameworks - SUNZINET

      Stephan Schmitz


      Your advantages with us as Symfony agency   

      • Accelerated time to market
        By using Symfony's reusable components, we accelerate development processes. 
      • Optimized costs and efficiency
        By using Symfony, we minimize development and maintenance efforts.
      • Adaptable solutions
        We identify your unique business needs and leverage Symfony's flexibility to develop customized and scalable solutions. With us, your business remains agile and future-proof.
      • Maximum security
        We rely on Symfony's robust security features to protect your web applications from potential threats. Your data and business processes are in safe hands with us.
      • Expert partnership
        By combining our industry-leading expertise and Symfony's advanced features, you benefit from a partnership that guarantees high-quality results and continuously supports your business growth.

      Want to make your applications even more efficient?

      Just fill out the form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours on business days.

      Simona Mayer
      Head of Business Development

      +49 221 / 355 009 0

      • What is Symfony and why should I use it?

        Read more

        Symfony is a PHP web application framework that helps developers build and maintain web applications faster and easier. It provides reusable code components to simplify repetitive tasks.

      • How does Symfony differ from other PHP frameworks like Laravel or Zend?

        Read more

        While all of these frameworks have their own strengths and use cases, Symfony stands out for its flexibility, reusable components, and long history in the PHP community.

      • Is Symfony suitable for large, complex projects or for smaller websites?

        Read more

        Symfony can be used for a wide range of projects, from small websites to complex enterprise applications.

      • How steep is the learning curve for Symfony?

        Read more

        For developers who are already familiar with PHP and object-oriented programming, the learning curve is moderate. However, Symfony can seem complex at first because there are many concepts and features to understand.

      • Is Symfony secure? How does it handle security threats?

        Read more

        Symfony puts a lot of emphasis on security and has an active community that constantly looks for security vulnerabilities and fixes them quickly. It also offers a variety of security components that prevent common attack vectors such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting.

      • What about the performance of Symfony? Is it fast enough for my needs?

        Read more

        Symfony is known for its high performance, especially when properly configured and optimized. It also offers effective caching solutions that can further improve speed.

      • Which large companies or websites use Symfony?

        Read more

        Many well-known companies and websites use Symfony, including Spotify, Trivago, and many others.