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Our services as a Synesty Agency

You want to reduce the manual processes in your store system? Then Synesty is the right choice for you!

  • Definition of your target groups and derivation of relevant features.

  • Analysis of your data and system structure .

  • Development of optimization possibilities of existing processes by using Synesty.

  • Integration of Synesty into your system landscape and connection to already existing systems.

  • Conception (UX), creation (UI) and implementation of an online store based on your corporate design specifications.

Our Customers: We are growth partners of

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Your advantages with SUNZINET

  • Certified Synesty Partner
    Due to our partnership with Synesty, we are in a particularly close exchange with the software provider. Thus, we guarantee first-class results and seamless communication with Synesty. If ambiguities or problems arise, prompt reaction is guaranteed at any time.

  • 20+ years of experience with versatile software solutions.
    As a full-service digital agency, we are familiar with the various software solutions, whether in e-commerce or lead-focused B2B processes, or billing processes.

  • Customized solutions
    With our full-service scope and many projects with our clients, we know exactly the needs and processes of the different business models and can develop and implement a customized solution for your project.

  • Agile & trasnparent
    You can look forward to transparency and a quick response from our side. Internally we work in agile teams - which enables efficient work. 

Our approach as a Synesty Agency 

With a clear strategy, we find the best solution - for your processes,
products and your business case. 

  • Synesty Agentur SUNZINET

    Together we make an inventory of your system landscape and data structures. For the conception we take a look at your store systems and lay the foundation for cooperation and implementation. 

  • Synesty Agentur SUNZINET

    Where is your product data located? How are they structured? We find this out in an analysis. We also take PIM consulting into account. Your order management and the design of your prices are also part of our holistic analysis and strategy. 

  • Synesty Agentur SUNZINET

    As a basis for all strategic considerations, our digital marketing experts take a holistic look at the various touchpoints of your customers. Of course, SEO is also crucial for an optimal search result. 

  • Synesty Agentur SUNZINET

    We analyze in detail to understand your processes, data structures and business model. With our custom-fit e-commerce consulting, we also help you choose the right systems. We then take care of the technical development. 

Synesty Agentur SUNZINET
Synesty Agentur SUNZINET
Synesty Agentur SUNZINET
Synesty Agentur SUNZINET

Good reasons for choosing Synesty 

  • Your backend processes, interfaces and data feeds are played automatically in the browser

  • E-commerce interfaces to store systems like Magento and Shopware are guaranteed

  • Various APIs can be connected via simple building blocks using drag and drop. This way, inventory, prices or item availability are automatically updated - without time-consuming and expensive reprogramming

  • Live system updates run unnoticed in the background. So your customers don't notice anything while they are shopping online

  • You receive automated notifications in the event of errors or abnormalities in data quality

  • High data security according to European standards: data center in Germany

Let's optimize your processes to accelerate your business

Fill in now and we will get back to you by phone within 24 hours on working days.

Simona Mayer
Head of Business Development

0221 / 355 009 13

  • What is Synesty?

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    Synesty is a no code tool that allows integration into existing systems and automation. Interfaces and systems can be easily managed by drag and drop.  

  • For whom is Synesty suitable?

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    Synesty is generally suitable for companies that want to take their e-commerce to the next digital level. People working with Synesty are usually e-commerce store managers, online marketing product managers, digital agencies or IT service providers.