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    CRM Custom Development

    Our CRM developers work with you to develop customized solutions that fit your requirements exactly.

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    Our CRM Custom Development Services

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      Concept & CRM Design

      Our CRM Application Architects design the ideal CRM individual development, exactly tailored to your needs.

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      CRM Implementation & Customization

      In close cooperation, our CRM developers program and customize your CRM system.

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      Testing and quality assurance

      For highest quality we test every CRM application development extensively, accompanied by our CRM consultants.

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      ALM & Interface Deployment

      We offer comprehensive support in application lifecycle management and ensure up-to-date storage of repositories as well as process-compliant development and implementation of CRM interfaces.

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    We are your partners for CRM custom development

    • +20 Years of Industry Experience in CRM Projects
      With extensive 100+ CRM projects and years of experience, SUNZINET has deep industry knowledge and best practices. This enables us to deliver highly customized digital solutions, giving you a competitive edge in your industry.
    • Best of Breed
      We develop ideal custom CRM solutions for your unique requirements, bundling them into a single user-friendly interface.

    • Your dedicated project team
      You will have a dedicated team that focuses exclusively on the development of your project.

    • We develop future-proof digital solutions
      Our team of business analysts and solution architects ensures scalable digital solutions aligned with your long-term business goals.

    You need an individual CRM?

    Let's talk about your CRM project in person!
    Simply fill out the form and we will get back to you, either by phone or with a non-binding appointment proposal.

    Lukas Kamm
    Business Development


    +49 221 / 355 009 0

    • Why do I need a CRM custom development?

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      Basically, the introduction of a CRM system does not necessarily require custom development. Most of the time, the need for this is due to the requirements of the business. Common topics that require custom development are for example: interface programming, UI/UX improvements, portal offers with end customer contact or complex business logics.
    • Are custom-developed CRM solutions future-proof?

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      Our experts always design your solutions with an eye to the future and ensure that future upgrades to the system have no impact on the custom developed application, if possible.

    • How expensive is custom CRM development?

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      There is no blanket answer to this: this depends heavily on the requirements and the degree of complexity. Basically, we prefer an agile process model in which you can view interim results at short intervals, so that target adjustments can be made early on if necessary.