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    Position yourself as a top employer

    From recruiting to retaining employees – win and keep the best talents for your company.

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    At SUNZINET, the team works together with the goal of increasing our customer’s business by enabling them with the right Technology, brand and digital strategy.

    Our experts in e-commerce advise you holistically in:

    • Selecting the right technology

      Our experts in e-commerce review your technological landscape and help in selecting and implementing the technologies required by your e-commerce to grow sustainably. From selecting the right shop system, PIM systems, marketing automation tools to enable web-hosting, we develop a custom and seamlessly integrated technological landscape that fits your business needs.

    • Enabling digital marketing

      We ensure that your shop is optimized for the google search engine, is being discovered by the right target group on all marketing channels, is creating a lead funnel and lastly is tracking the data that you can use to optimize your marketing activities.

    Get & retain the top talent

    Finding and retaining employees is more challenging than ever.
    With an attractive employer brand, you gain an edge in the job market and attract the right talent.
    As full-service agency, we support you from strategy to implementation and performance measurement.

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      Brand Strategy

      We create an effective strategy by

      • capturing what makes you stand out as an employer.
      • defining a strong employer brand which sets you apart from others.
      • deriving messages that appeal to both applicants and employees.
      • selecting the right measures to attract and retain talent.
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      Talent Recruiting

      We help you attract talents by:

      • Making you stand out from the competition.
      • Helping you align with the changing workforce's expectations.
      • Improving your brand visibility by helping you to communicate your value proposition and unique benefits effectively.
      • Making your recruitment process efficient.
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      Employee Retention

      We help you retain your talent by:

      • Enabling a strong employer brand that fosters loyalty and engagement.
      • Strengthening company culture with effective internal communication.
      • Developing content to keep your team informed and motivated.
      • Setting up tools to measure employee satisfaction.

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    How we ensure an effective strategy and concept

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      Target Group Analysis & Candidate Journey Optimization

      A convincing employer brand focuses on the wishes and needs of employees. That's why we define your target groups together, taking into account all the important parameters. We also take a look at your recruiting process and uncover potential for improvement.

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      Finding your Employer Brand Identity

      What makes you stand out as an employer? What benefits do you offer your employees? Once we have defined the brand identity, we integrate all parameters into the employer value proposition.
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      Storytelling and Creative Concept

      People love good stories – they connect, make complex information understandable and are easy to remember. Integrate authentic storytelling into your employer branding strategy and take advantage of the benefits: Applicants will build an emotional bond with you and are more likely to choose you as an employer

    • A symbol showing two people talking to each other as a sign of communication - Employer Branding agency SUNZINET

      Brand Communication

      Next step: creating holistic communication along the entire employee journey – both internally and externally. In order to convey the brand message in the best possible way, we first design a suitable look and feel as well as the right tone of voice. At the same time, we select meaningful channels, messages and topics.

    • A hand and a person as a sign of good interaction with people - Employer branding agency SUNZINET

      Candidate Experience

      It takes a lot to win over the best talent! Together, we ensure that candidates feel in good hands throughout the entire application process – from the first contact with your company to signing their employment contract.

    Our approach for a holistic Employer Brand

    • Analyse

      We start by identifying the status quo: What is your current image as an employer? How satisfied is your workforce? How do you differentiate from your competition? To do this, we look at studies and employees. HR key figures and existing visions and values also provide important insights into your company.

    • Strategy

      The next step is to focus on the core of your employer brand: the brand identity! Vision, mission and differentiation from the competition are important here. In addition, company-specific values are identified, weighted and clearly defined. This results in a employer value proposition.

    • Creation
      Once a strategy has been developed, it must be communicated. To do this, we use a creative concept including storytelling. It is the basis for consistent brand communication – and must fit the target group. The tonality and the look & feel are based on previously defined personas. In this way, we ensure a strong presence across all channels.
    • Implementation

      In this step, the new measures are being integrated – from the recruiting process to internal communication. Not only potential but also existing employees should feel equally addressed! 

    • Reporting and Monitoring

      We already consider relevant KPIs during strategy development. This way, monitoring and reporting can start immediately after the roll-out. This step is important since theory and practical implementation can differ. In order to positively influence results, we adapt ongoing processes accordingly.

    Reporting and Monitoring

    Why Employer Branding with SUNZINET?

    Rely on one of Germany's leading digital agencies.

    • Branding is one of our core competencies
      We have won multiple Brand Awards, which showcases our ability to create strong brands. We apply this knowledge to your employer branding project!
    • 25 years of experience in the digital sector
      Two decades of experience in the digital sector, across various industries make us an experienced service provider.
    • Our interdisciplinary teams enable a holistic Employer Branding strategy for success
      With our Digital marketing expertise, we help you attract top talent. With our digital workplace and user experience expertise, we help you retain them for sustainable business growth.
    • Directly get access to Technology Implementation experts
      Our experts also consult on the best intranet tools and enable seamless implementation for optimal results.


    Our work process that makes us to achieve outstanding results

    We help ambitious companies to grow in success and develop their business in the digital world. With our expertise in digital marketing, e-commerce, digitalization & internal communication, we will find the best strategy for your company! Our partners benefit from our long-term experience in implementation and a high level of consulting expertise.

    How we enable AI to improve Employee Experience

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    • What is Employer Branding?

      Read more

      Employer branding includes all measures that aim at strengthening the image of a company as an attractive employer. This includes both internal positioning among current employees and external positioning among potential candidates. The goal is to attract and retain the best talents.

    • What is an Employer Value Proposition?

      Read more

      The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) describes what distinguishes a company as an employer and makes it unique. In other words, it represents what values, culture, benefits and development opportunities a company offers to employees and applicants. Creating a strong EVP is a central component of employer branding.

    • Why is Employer Branding Important?

      Read more

      Especially in times of a high employee turnover, it is important for companies to strengthen their employer brand. This is the only way to attract and retain the best talents in the highly competitive employment market. Employer branding strengthens employee satisfaction, reduces the fluctuation rate and increases the productivity and commitment of existing employees. It makes an important contribution to securing a company's long-term competitiveness.

    • What is the difference between internal and external employer branding?

      Read more

      Internal employer branding is about increasing the loyalty of existing employees to the company. The aim is to promote satisfaction, commitment and trust. In order to strengthen the employer brand internally, communication campaigns, employee recognition measures and further training opportunities can be used.

      External employer branding, on the other hand, is aimed at potential applicants; the goal is to attract talented specialists through clever positioning. Measures such as performance marketing campaigns, a sophisticated content and social media strategy or image films are suitable for this purpose.

    Our Employer Branding Services

    Finding and retaining employees has never been as difficult as it is now – employers compete to win the best candidates for their companies. With an attractive employer brand, you not only secure an advantage on the job market, but also the right talents. Our experts support you in this mission.