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As experienced PIM experts, we offer you professional advice on the Akeneo product information management system. Furthermore, as an Akeneo agency, we support you in the implementation of your existing and future Akeneo projects.

Akeneo PIM: Use more sales channels thanks to high product data quality

Akeneo is the popular open source Product Information Management (PIM) system that provides all manufacturers and retailers with an efficient solution to their multi-channel challenges. The powerful PIM system efficiently handles, enriches, validates and translates your product information.

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PIM Akeneo: Find data instead of searching for data

Akeneo enables your teams to work more productively and rely on the quality of your data. With Akeneo PIM, all product information is centrally managed and maintained, streamlining your workflows. This makes incomplete, incorrect or incorrectly translated product data a thing of the past!

A Product Information Management System, PIM for short, allows you to efficiently manage, use and maintain your product information. You can connect Akeneo to all your existing systems via an API and easily import any Excel or CSV files. Include your suppliers as well, giving you a comprehensive view of your data sources. Akeneo PIM is equipped with a powerful import engine that is easy to use. This makes data onboarding a breeze.

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Our services as an Akeneo agency

Our experts advise and support you in the planning, implementation and maintenance of your Akeneo PIM solution in the company. What can the steps up to the PIM implementation look like for you?

  • Analysis of your existing processes in product management, sales, distribution (optional interviews), documentation of the current status of your system landscape and workflows.
  • Definition of your requirements by means of stakeholder workshops (scope, structure definition, workflow set-up, roles and rights, etc.)
  • Concept, structure, workflows and interfaces
  • Implementation and configuration phase (server platform setup, backend development, integration of ERP and other master databases, adjustments to ERP, other systems such as shops, etc.)
  • Data migration and product data cleansing
  • Pretesting & quality assurance
  • Implementation of training and education

Thanks to our proven methodology, we provide you with a product management tool tailored to you and your needs and advise you on how to align your workflows in product development, marketing and sales in such a way that you can further expand your sales channels while simultaneously improving the quality of your product data.

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Your PIM project could look like this

What is the PIM project with the sun that suits you best? Here you will find an example of an exemplary MIP project with our Simonswerk team.

  • Présentation des produits dans le PIM de Simonswerk
  • Filtrage et recherche dans le PIM de Simonswerk
  • Schnellsuche im PIM von Simonswerk
  • La Gestaltung des PIMs von Simonswerk est la suivante
  • Simonwerk Produktinformationsmanagement
  • Our method for your success

    With a clear strategy, we find the best solution - for your processes, products and your business case.

    1. Screening: Together we take stock of your system landscape and data structures. For the conception, we look at your shop systems and lay the foundation for cooperation and implementation.
    2. Data analysis: Where is your product data located? How are they structured? We find this out in an analysis. We also take PIM consulting into account. Your order management and the design of your prices are also part of our holistic analysis and strategy.
    3. Customer Journey Analysis: As a basis for all strategic considerations, our digital marketing experts take a holistic look at the various touchpoints of your customers. Of course, SEO is also crucial for an optimal search result.
    4. Consulting: We analyze in detail to understand your processes, data structures and business model. With our custom-fit e-commerce consulting, we also support you in choosing the right systems. Afterwards we take care of the technical development.
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