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PIM Agency

We are your PIM agency for successful product communication. If you are a provider of products and want to expand your marketing opportunities with little effort, we are exactly the right partner for you.

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Our services as a PIM Agency

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    Analysis of your existing processes in product management, sales, distribution (optional interviews), documentation of the current status of your system landscape and workflows.
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    Stakeholder workshops

    We define your requirements by means of stakeholder workshops (scope, structure definition, workflow set-up, role distribution, rights, etc.)

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    We create a concept for your PIM structure, workflows and interfaces.
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    PIM Implementation & Configuration

    Implementation and configuration phase of PIM systems, such as Pimcore and Akeneo (server platform setup, backend development, integration of ERP and other master databases, adjustments to ERP, other systems such as shops and much more)
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    Data migration and product data management

    We clean your existing data and integrate it into the new system landscape.

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    Pretesting & quality assurance

    To ensure that everything goes according to plan, we perform pretesting and assure the quality of your data.

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    Training Workshops

    We train your employees so that they can work with the new system seamlessly.

Central and structured data handling for all channels

A Product Information Management System, PIM for short, enables the efficient administration, use and maintenance of your product information. Product information management refers to the provision of product information for use in various output media and sales channels as well as at different locations. The PIM system increases the reaction speed of your company to the complex challenges of our digital world.

Our core competencies include Product Information Management (PIM) and Data Asset Management (DAM). Our experts advise and support you in planning, implementing and maintaining your PIM and DAM solutions. 

SUNZINET is your PIM expert!

  • Benefit from proven methodologies and more than 20 years of experience in the digital industry 

    Our years of experience enable us to advise you on how to align your workflows in product development, marketing and sales so that you can further expand your sales channels while simultaneously improving the quality of your product data.

  • A comprehensive range of services for your PIM solution 

    Our range of services covers the entire spectrum of PIM and DAM. Whether it's stakeholder workshops, education and training, or the design and implementation of your PIM solution.  

  • Increased data quality and improved workflows 

    With a suitable PIM system, we increase your data quality by enabling efficient management, use and maintenance of your product information. This enables your company's speed of response to the complex challenges of our digital world.  

  • Tailored technology

    With us at your side, you have a broad partner portfolio of different technology providers at your disposal. In addition, we are always open to alternative technologies - always with the goal of finding the ideal solution for our customers. 


Our PIM technology partners 

We are always looking for the best technology and software partners. When it comes to professional PIM solutions, Pimcore and Akeneo are reliable partners.  

Are you looking for an alternative? Together we will find your ideal PIM solution.

We care & we deliver


With SUNZINET, we have had a reliable partner for our digital transformation at our side for many years

"Together we are continuously improving our digital presence and our digital processes. When working with SUNZINET, we particularly appreciate the strong expertise and the open communication at eye level. We are looking forward to our further, future projects!"

Carsten Huber Head of Marketing, Simonswerk

Good relationships begin personally

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Simona Mayer
Head of Business Development


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  • Why use a PIM system?

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    Product data is structured in a PIM system. Information about products can be centrally managed, maintained and controlled. Processes are optimized and the provision of product information is significantly shortened. As communication and sales channels continue to increase, no e-commerce strategy should be without a PIM system.

  • What must a PIM system be able to do?

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    A PIM system has many functions. The most important ten requirements are listed below: 

    1. Configurability 
    2. Modularity 
    3. Data control 
    4. Automation 
    5. Usability 
    6. Multilingualism 
    7. Flexibility 
    8. Integrability 
    9. Scalability 
    10. Performance 

  • What are examples of PIM data?

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    Product data is entered into a PIM that is used to communicate information internally, as well as externally. Examples of such data include the following:  

    • Basic product identifiers (item number, product title, etc.) 
    • Images, graphics (usually in conjunction with a DAM)
    • Marketing messages
    • Meaningful media files 
    • Technical specifications
  • What is a PIM system?

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    PIM refers to the provision of product information for use in various output media and distribution channels as well as at different locations. The PIM system increases the reaction speed of your company to the complex challenges of our digital world. In e-commerce, it is hard to imagine life today without a PIM system. 

  • What is a DAM system?

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    DAM manages digital files of your offered products and is a component of PIM systems. This includes assets such as images, logos or videos. With a DAM you can analyze media, e.g. the number of views, plays and the playback time of media files. The result: target group-specific presentation of your products.