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  • SUNZINET: Leading Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on KPIs

    We are a leading digital marketing agency in Germany. Our team has the expertise to combine all your marketing & and sales tools with Adobe Analytics. From us, you will get unparalleled web analytics reporting, that your team an actually use to improve your digital strategy. 

  • Our Services as an Adobe Analytics agency

    We help you in translating web analytics data into actionable insights.
    Our services from a bird's eye view:

    • System integration and customisation
    • Setting up Reporting and Dashboards
    • Data Analysis and Insights
    • Strategy & Support
  • Top Reasons for choosing Adobe Analytics

    Adobe Analytics is powered by AI and automation. It offers detailed custom analysis, flexible reporting, and predictive insights, making it the go-to tool for businesses that want to understand their user's behaviour in detail and accordingly improve their digital strategies.

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Adobe Solution Partner Community - Web Analytics Agentur SUNZIENT GmbH

Get Insights and not just Reports

We set up reports that precisely guide you on how to enhance user engagement, increase conversions, and develop a niche in your industry. 


  • System Integration & Customization
    We integrate Adobe Analytics with all relevant data sources and set up accurate tracking codes for data collection. This helps us set up reports that provide insights for strategic improvements aligning with your business goals.

  • Setting up Reporting & Dashboards
    We generate reports and visual dashboards, that are easy to read and insightful.
  • Data Analysis & Insights
    Our team of business analysts help you recognize trends, user segments, target group demographics and user behaviour patterns enabling you to derive actionable insights for well-informed decisions.
  • Strategy and Support
    As your growth partner, we provide you with marketing consultation with the goal of increasing your business. Additionally, we train you in Adobe Analytics usage and are always there as your support partner.

Our Customers: We are growth partners of

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Get to know a few faces

Daniel Palm - Chief Marketing Officer - SUNZINET

Daniel Palm

Chief Marketing Officer
Valentin Zehnder - Digital Marketing Consultant - SUNZINET

Valentin Zehnder

Digital Marketing Analyst & Consultant
Regina-Wirtz - Performance marketing expert


Performance Marketing Manager
Rebecca Fehrenberg - Digtal Marketing & Project Manager - SUNZINET

Rebecca Fehrenberg

Digital Marketing Specialist
Lars Hartmann - Business analyst

Lars Hartmann

Business Analyst

Your Advantages with SUNZINET as your Web Analytics Agency

  • +20 years of industry expertise
    We are one of Germany's top agencies with over 20 years of industry experience. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of Adobe Analytics and how to maximize the tool for your benefit.
  • Strong partnership
    We are a certified Adobe Partner Agency. This means - for your project, we have access to extensive resources, best practices, and technical support.
  • Interdisciplinary teams → Holistic service
    Access our versatile team with expertise in technical implementation, business analysis, UX/UI, Conversion rate optimization and more. Our experts go beyond implementation and help you develop growth-focused strategies using the power of Adobe Analytics.
  • Get unparalleled platform quality and reporting
    With us, you will get an integrated platform that reports on your sales and marketing activities, their ROI and gives insight into every customer interaction.   
  • Technical Support and Close Assistance
    We provide long-term support and train your team in using Adobe Analytics effectively. As your growth partners, you will always have a point of contact, post-implementation.

Let's take your business to the next level

Contact us now and we will get back to you by phone within 24 hours on weekdays. 

Lukas Kamm - CRM & Digital Marketing - SUNZINET
Lukas Kamm
Business Development

+49 221 / 355 009 0

  • What is the difference between Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics?

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    Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics are both web analytics tools, but differ in key aspects. Adobe Analytics offers advanced customization, detailed segmentation, and real-time tracking, best for large enterprises. Google Analytics is user-friendly, free, and suits smaller businesses, providing basic insights and Google tool integrations.

    Practical Example of Adobe Analytics v/s Google Analytics:

    Imagine you have an online fashion store, you aim to track purchases, cart additions, checkout starts, and popular products.

    Google Analytics covers page views and conversions but it might not be able to track specific interactions like adding items to the cart, or progression through checkout steps. It will be able to give you only a general overview.

    Adobe Analytics enables custom tracking for each, including events for cart actions and purchases. It even captures product clicks and cart abandonments, revealing customer behaviour for website enhancement. 


  • Is Adobe Analytics GDPR-compliant?

    Show More
    Adobe Analytics has a robust privacy model. Servers are hosted in the EU, and Adobe has a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) complying with GDPR requirements. (DPA = Agreement between a data controller (e.g., a company) and a data processor (e.g., a third-party service)).
  • What are the benefits of Adobe Analytics?

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    Adobe Analytics is a flexible, customizable tool for generating insightful analyses and reports. It easily integrates with other online marketing tools through predefined interfaces. Adobe Analytics delivers quick insights, giving you a competitive edge. AI-based support aids in analysis and decision-making.

  • Is Adobe Analytics part of Adobe Experience Cloud?

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    Yes, Adobe Analytics is indeed part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Experience Cloud is a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to provide businesses with solutions for marketing, advertising, analytics, and commerce. Adobe Analytics is a key component within this suite, offering powerful data analysis and insights capabilities to enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.