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Are you ready for the leading headless CMS approach?

A brand's online presence reaches users at a wide variety of touchpoints. Flawless content must be played out on additional sales channels beyond the computer. Social media channels, third-party apps, mobile apps, and wearables must also be compatible. Contentful is a leader in the headless CMS approach and offers customized solutions. As a Contentful agency, we advise and support you in the best possible way during implementation.

Excursion: What is a headless CMS?

In contrast to a traditional CMS, a headless CMS does not have a frontend, but only a backend. This has the advantage that content for various channels is managed centrally. Content is stored in a structured and format-neural way. Thanks to APIs (interfaces), the content is played out in a formatted manner. Headless CMS enable an efficient design of the uniform digital experience.


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Contentful - Market-leading content platform

Contentful unifies content across all touchpoints and devices. This API-first content platform ensures an optimal user experience. Content can be endlessly extended and integrated with countless tools for translation, segmentation, e-commerce and more.

Our brand essence is: "We grow and accelerate your business". Together with Contentful, we accelerate your digital processes and ensure satisfied users at all touchpoints.

With SUNZINET in only 4 steps to successful Contentful integration

We offer a holistic all-round service - for your processes, products and business case. In doing so, we always keep your business goals in mind and take care of custom-fit solutions.

1. Getting to know each other & screening: We get to know each other during our non-binding initial meeting. We look at your current situation and talk about your concerns. Together we take stock of your system landscape and content structures and lay the foundation for cooperation and implementation.

2. Strategy & requirements: In stakeholder workshops, we jointly develop a coherent and unique strategy for your headless CMS solution in order to achieve the TARGET state. In doing so, we consider your requirements and wishes for the system as well as the needs of your customers.

3. Implementation phase: A small project team consisting of a maximum of 10 people ensures a fast time-to-market implementation of your project. Your permanent contact person is in regular contact with you and always keeps you up to date.

4. Optimization: The needs of your customers are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to continuously check, develop and optimize the system even after it has gone live.