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Effective interactions with your customers are crucial to your business success in the digital transformation. The demands on successful customer relationships are constantly growing. Our CRM consultants will help you find the right CRM solution for your company - whether on-premise, open source or SaaS cloud solution - no matter which industry you come from: We know the different systems and can pick you up according to your individual requirements.

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Effectively manage and use customer data with CRM

Every company accumulates huge amounts of valuable customer data over time, to which CRM systems are the right answer. Companies can use them to keep all their contact details up to date, manage accounts of customers and collectively record customer interactions, thereby optimizing their marketing and sales activities. As a result, they not only improve relationships with their customers to retain them in the long run, but also increase their customer lifetime value in the long run.

CRM prevents loss of data

It doesn't matter whether it's over the phone, in joint meetings, or in conversation with other colleagues: Valuable data about customers is collected at various touchpoints. If this is simply kept on laptops, hard drives or in an employee's memory, there is a risk that it will be lost. A CRM prevents data loss and transforms the information into useful insights that add real value to your business.

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With SUNZINET in 4 steps to a successful CRM implementation

  1. strategy and requirements: We check the current status of Customer Relationship Management and define a strategy together with you that describes the target status. To this end, we conduct stakeholder workshops, interviews and a system screening.

  2. Planning and scoping: Based on the requirements, we formulate a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and define expansion stages. In this way, we jointly develop the implementation plan. This phase is based on an agile cooperation with various stakeholders and the corresponding user stories.

  3. Implementation phase: The CRM system is configured according to the planning & scoping and integrated into the system landscape.

  4. CRM introduction: Project marketing and stakeholder training ensure a smooth CRM implementation in your marketing and sales processes.

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