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SUNZINET - Your Digital Partner 

As your partner for digital change, the foundation of all our actions is that we understand your business model and immerse ourselves in your corporate culture. This is the only way to ensure that we equip you as a partner with precisely tailored communication solutions that directly contribute to your KPIs and your corporate success. We accompany you as a partner usually does: long-term - on the basis of our methodology of continuous improvement. Because that is what gives us joy: To take responsibility for your key performance indicators by analysing them and constantly optimising them.


With our full-service expertise to your digital success 

Be it the transactional optimization of your product sales, the development of international markets, internal process optimization for efficient work and satisfied employees or or or. All our communication and transaction solutions are subordinated to your business success. You will receive excellent advice and implementation quality that will lift you to the top of your industry. With us as an owner-managed agency, you also benefit from personal proximity and a high commitment to responsibility.


Years of Market Experience 24
Team Members 170
Offices in Europe 9

Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Giving orientation to its employees and customers is by far the most important communication task of a company. Determining the direction, setting the guard rails and making the purpose of the company tangible is a major task - and one for which great words can be used. Our "eponym", the Chinese philosopher Sunzi (about 500 B.C.), was also quite good at this. He once said: Chances multiply when you grab them.

So let's take our chance, free to go to Sunzi. Right now, right here.

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    Our brand essence

    We grow and accelerate your digital business.

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    Our Purpose

    We improve the digital world of tomorrow!

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    Our Vision

    SUNZINET is the first port of call for ambitious companies for the economically successful management of the digital change. With our pioneering spirit we create outstanding user experiences and are home to a passionate team.

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    Our Mission

    We further develop the business model of our customers through sustainable digital solutions. Our agile teams work in close cooperation along the business objectives for efficient and outstanding results.


Climate Neutral Agency

,,Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs''.

Acting sustainably is of great importance to SUNZINET. Therefore, the quotation of the World Commission on Environment and Development is an important, company policy guideline. 




Since October 2021 APRACOR is a subsidiary of SUNZINET. APRACOR is a Salesforce agency and is based in Innsbruck and Stuttgart. Through this merger, our competencies in the areas of Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Sales Cloud as well as Salesforce Commerce are expanded. SUNZINET is pleased about the growth and the resulting concentrated competence in the digital marketing area.



Local proximity for our customers thanks to our international locations in Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Poznan, Gdansk, London, Vienna and Innsbruck

Our partners

Our projects

Boesner - teaser Bild

International multishop with Shopware Enterprise & TYPO3 for boesner

As boesner's e-commerce partner, we implemented the company's international website so that there is a unification of the individual country websites. Our goal was to strengthen brand awareness and improve the customer experience.


Digital lead qualification for the world market leader Canon

For the launch of the fastest Canon SLR camera ever - the CANON EOS-1D X Mark III - we pulled out all the digital marketing stops for the renowned camera manufacturer Canon. The goal was to generate as many qualified leads as possible and to place the new camera in the highly competitive market of professional photography and videography. 
Read how we generated over 100 leads within 1 month!

LVR Teaser Bild

Barrier-free consulting platform

The most important outcome of the digitization project is the user-friendly, barrier-free concept of the portal: a dialog-based advice guide that also intuitively leads users with impairments to the appropriate advice offer.

The digital transformation at Creditreform
As a digital transformation agency and long-time partner of Creditreform, we revised the company's marketing strategy to make it fit for the digital future. We facilitated a website relaunch and continue to develop marketing campaigns that strengthen Creditreform's brand, generate leads and thus grow the business.

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