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This is how our experts help you to generate more leads, retain customers and accelerate your business.

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    Fill your lead funnel with high-quality leads by developing a lead-generation strategy

    We help you create a lead funnel by identifying your target group. We then combine outbound marketing (email, cold calling, direct mail) with inbound marketing (content creation, SEO Optimization). This approach engages your target audience and builds an effective lead funnel.

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    Grow customer trust & loyalty with customer retention strategies for higher revenue

    We implement customer nurturing strategies, loyalty programs, set up customer centric b2b portals and enhance the customer experience across all channels to boost retention rates. Additionally, we set up systems to identify customer interests and provide your team with data for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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    Break down data silos for a 360° view of your customer lifecylce with CRM optimization

    We help you set up and optimize your CRM system to align with your lead generation strategy. We adapt your technology landscape to track lead-to-customer conversion rates and monitor the customer lifecycle. This allows you to identify growth opportunities and accelerate business growth.

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    Increase your marketing efficiency & lower costs with Scoring & Nurturing Strategy

    We create a systematic method to evaluate and prioritize leads based on engagement data. Additionally, we design targeted nurturing campaigns to guide potential leads through the sales funnel, maximizing conversion potential for B2B businesses.


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    Harness cross-channel communication with Social media strategy

    We have the expertise to leverage your social media platforms and industry-specific forums, which engage with your target group and drive them towards conversion. 

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    Know your marketing ROI & make faster decisions with insightful reports

    We set up unparalleled reporting to help you review your strategies, marketing ROI, and lead-to-customer conversion rates. Our reports provide actionable insights for business optimization and maintaining a competitive edge.

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Our Approach as your B2B Lead Generation Agency

  • B2B Lead Generation Strategy development with the see think do care model | B2B Lead generation Agency SUNZINET

    We use trusted methodologies such as the See Think Do Care model, Business value canvas and more to conduct a thorough business analysis to identify your needs and challenges. Based on that, we determine the most suitable path and tools to achieve your goals.

  • B2B Lead generation Planning phase | B2B Lead Generation Strategieentwicklung mit see think do care Modell | B2B Lead generation Agency SUNZINET

    In the next step, we outline the specific actions required to implement the project strategy. This includes:

    • Outlining the timeline for the project.
    • Defining roles and responsibilities for each team member.
    • Conducting a requirements analysis to evaluate our current status and outline our desired future state.
    • Identifying dependencies, which are tasks that rely on the completion of other tasks before they can begin. 
    By taking these steps, we plan the sequence of tasks more effectively, ensuring that the project progresses smoothly and stays on schedule.
  • b2b lead generation implementation | B2B Lead generation Agency SUNZINET

    We implement the technology required to enable your B2B Lead generation strategy.

    We are transparent and communicate with you about all our to-dos and plans.
    We are additionally available as consultants for questions about lead generation, digital marketing campaigns, marketing automation and CRM.

  • b2b lead generation Berichterstattung | B2B Lead Generation Strategieentwicklung mit see think do care Modell | B2B Lead generation Agency SUNZINET

    We handle your lead generation campaigns and lead funnels, and we provide you with reports on important key performance indicators (KPIs) and ROI figures. Additionally, we assist you with:

    • Creating new campaigns
    • Developing processes
B2B Lead Generation Strategy development with the see think do care model | B2B Lead generation Agency SUNZINET
B2B Lead generation Planning phase | B2B Lead Generation Strategieentwicklung mit see think do care Modell | B2B Lead generation Agency SUNZINET
b2b lead generation implementation | B2B Lead generation Agency SUNZINET
b2b lead generation Berichterstattung | B2B Lead Generation Strategieentwicklung mit see think do care Modell | B2B Lead generation Agency SUNZINET

Your advantages with us as your B2B Lead Generation agency

  • 20+ years of experience in delivering quality leads

    Via our years of experience, we know various industry trends and therefore employ best practices that enable you to generate high-quality leads. 

  • We enable scalability through agility

    You can look forward to transparency and prompt responses from us, as we operate in agile teams. This allows us to efficiently scale our efforts based on your changing needs and ensure a steady flow of leads supporting your growth. 

  • You will know your ROI instead of assuming it
    We ensure our customers have clear reports that help them review their ROI, strategy performance, and provide actionable insights for business growth. 
  • Your agency for Continuous support  

    As your digitization partner, we provide you with continuous support. We ensure that your automation activities work efficiently and save you time and money.

Start generating high-quality B2B leads and retain your customers for accelerated growth

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  • What's the best marketing automation tool for b2b lead generation?

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    In the B2B industry, the best option is often based on specific business needs, customer journey, industry, and the existing technology landscape. However popular choices for B2B lead generation include HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot (Salesforce), Microsoft Dynamics, and ActiveCampaign.
    Each CRM system has its strengths such as lead nurturing, email marketing, analytics capabilities, and more. 

    If you're uncertain about the best tool for your needs, you can make use of the first non-binding call with our experts. In the first call they can help you determine in the first call, which tool might fit your needs the best, and how could you move forward. 

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  • What is lead generation in B2B marketing?

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    Lead generation in B2B marketing refers to identifying and capturing potential business customers or clients who have showcased an interest in a product or service.

    This interest could be reflected by various activities, such as:

    • Interaction with the company website.
    • Engagement with regular marketing emails.
    • Interaction on social media platforms.
    • Offline communication at events.
    • Downloading content like pricing lists or FAQs..and more

    The goal of lead generation in B2B marketing is to nurture such leads through the sales funnel and convert them into sales opportunities.

  • What is B2B lead generation strategy?

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    A B2B lead generation strategy outlines the approach a business takes to attract and convert potential clients.

    It includes steps such as:

    • Identifying target audience
    • Creates valuable content with the target audience and their user journey in mind. 
    • Using omnichannel marketing to reach potential leads.
    • Implementing a lead nurturing strategy to identify and advance quality leads in the sales funnel
    • Leverages technology like CRM and marketing automation for process optimization. 

    The goal of this strategy is to simplify and automate quality B2B lead generation for the sales team to convert.