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We utilize MACH architecture - for more flexibility, scalability and speed

We base our projects on MACH architecture – a modern technological framework consisting of four key components: Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless.

MACH Architecture allows you to rapidly adapt and integrate the latest technologies without being tied to specific vendors or technology stacks. It also supports a more personalized customer experience and enables faster updates and improvements, driving innovation and maintaining competitive advantage.

We care & we deliver


In SUNZINET we have found the optimal partner for the realisation of our corporate website.

"Because our all-round successful cooperation is characterised in particular by the spirit that is so important for coeo: dynamic and flexible, always striving for high quality and efficiency. This enabled us to position ourselves strongly in international competition in a very short time. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with further exciting challenges!"

Sebastian Ludwig Managing Director, Coeo

With the decision for SUNZINET, we have made the right choice for our company

"A high quality of consulting for the new and further development of our website as well as great suggestions for new ways in inbound marketing with tools that help increase our efficiency and effectiveness - we are very satisfied and see ourselves well positioned for the future."

Dietmar Bernstein Senior Marketing Manager, Unger

With SUNZINET, we have had a reliable partner for our digital transformation at our side for many years

"Together we are continuously improving our digital presence and our digital processes. When working with SUNZINET, we particularly appreciate the strong expertise and the open communication at eye level. We are looking forward to our further, future projects!"

Carsten Huber Head of Marketing, Simonswerk

Why Web development with SUNZINET?

  • Measurable results
    We deliver measurable results and set your KPIs as targets.
  • Expert Knowledge

    Our experienced developers and designers ensure your website or app is equipped with the latest best practices and designs. For optimal user experiences.

  • Future-proof technologies  

    With us on your side, you have a broad partner portfolio of technology providers at your disposal.

  • Reliability and Support

    We also back your web presence with long-term support, with personal contacts. 

  • Transparency and agility

    We work in agile teams - which enables efficient work. For us, a MUST in the digital industry.

  • Team on Demand
    We flexibly adapt to your needs and put together a team that is tailored exactly to your requirements.

Web Development Agency SUNZINET:
Some of our Experts

Sebastian Spill - Chief Technology Officer - SUNZINET

Sebastian Spill

Chief Technology Officer
  • csm typo3 badge
Kevin Bintzik - Knowledge Lead Enterprise Architecture & Senior Developer - SUNZINET

Kevin Bintzik

Knowledge Lead Enterprise Architecture
  • Google Cloud Certified Cloud Architect
Stephan Schmitz - Product Owner & Knowledge Lead JavaScript Frameworks - SUNZINET

Stephan Schmitz

Knowledge Lead JavaScript
Kajetan Zyskowskin - Senior Developer & Lead Developer - SUNZINET

Kajetan Zyskowskin

Senior Developer
  • vue.js logo transparent

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Simona Mayer
Head of Business Development


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    CX stands for Customer Experience and focuses on the overall experience of the customer.

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