Kunstsammlung NRW Shop

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In 1961

The challenge

In order for art lovers to be able to shop not only on site but also online, we should transfer the old online shop of the Kunstsammlung NRW to the Magento e-commerce software. At www.shop.kunstsammlung.de interested parties can now buy articles such as catalogues, editions of works of art or posters.

Kunstsammlung NRW Shop
Kunstsammlung NRW Shop

Our solution

Simply print out your tickets in advance

The new webshop also offers an interface to the Combase ticket system. This allows tickets to be purchased online and scanned in on site by code. For visitors this means more comfort and less waiting time on site.

Kunstsammlung NRW Shop
  • Kunstsammlung NRW Shop
  • Online Shop Power from Magento

    Magento offers the world's leading B2B commerce platform. The system is flexible and allows individual adaptation to any business model. At the same time, it meets all security and usability requirements and can be expanded many times.

    About the

    Kunstsammlung NRW

    Kunstsammlung NRW Shop

    The Art Collection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia is based in Düsseldorf and combines three exhibition locations there. The collection has an international profile as a museum for 20th-century art, but in the meantime the gallery's spectrum extends to the immediate present.

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    Kunstsammlung NRW Shop
    Kunstsammlung NRW Shop