Drupal Agency

The Open Source CMS Solution for Your Content Management 

License-free, modular and secure: that's Drupal. The content management system is one of the most widely used and comprehensive open source CMS worldwide. Drupal is suitable for small as well as complex online projects. 


SUNZINET is your Drupal agency

The modular structure and the easy user guidance make it easy for editors to find their way around the Drupal CMS. Benefit from the low training effort and fast deployment. With more than 20 years of experience and as a Drupal Association member we are exactly the right agency partner for you.

Our services as a Drupal agency 

  • Conception and design of your website 
  • Development of the language concept 
  • Planning and setup of the system architecture 
  • Elaboration of the rights and roles concept 
  • Definition and integration of various microservices and interfaces (API) 
  • Implementation of the layout in Drupal and creation of the maintainable paragraphs 
  • Training of editors and content management support 
  • Support with digital marketing, SEO and SEA 


Advantages of implementing a CMS System

  • Centralized Data Management
    We implement your CMS and enable you to centrally manage your content. Ensure excellent customer experiences at any touchpoints.   
  • We always find the right technology solution for our clients
    With years of experience in CMS and DXP, we find the system solution that best fits your business goals.  
  • We work in an agile and transparent way
    You can look forward to transparency and quick response from our side. Internally, we work in agile teams - which enables efficient work. 

Why Drupal?

  • License-free and up-to-date: Drupal requires no license fees and offers free access to thousands of modules.
  • Thanks to the strong community behind Drupal, new modules are constantly being developed and made freely available. Trends and needs of the target groups are thus always taken into account.
  • Modular structure: A great advantage of the Drupal CMS is its modular structure, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of projects. The spectrum ranges from corporate websites with responsive design to complex e-commerce solutions and intranets. Extension options also enable customer-specific adaptations.
  • Security and quality: Modules must pass several test runs in the community before they are released by Drupal. This guarantees high quality and security standards. 
  • Intuitive and efficient: Drupal's claim is intuitive and goal-oriented user guidance - even less experienced users can edit and add website content. 
  • High speed: The current Drupal version is characterized by a very high speed and thus offers a decisive factor for a high Google ranking. 

We care & we deliver


We found the collaboration with SUNZINET on our first intranet to be very professional and cooperative

"The team at SUNZINET quickly understood what requirements needed to be met and together we created a helpful internal communication tool for our employees that supports us in our work every day and of which we are very proud. Collaboration and knowledge sharing in our company have improved significantly since the introduction of the new intranet - not least thanks to the intensive change communication."

Ann-Kathrin Krämer Head of Corporate Marketing, Art-Invest

Good relationships begin personally

Fill in now and we will get back to you by phone.

Simona Mayer
Head of Business Development

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  • What is the advantage of Drupal?

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    Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS). Content for a website can be published and managed with it. A major advantage of Drupal is its modular structure. The CMS can be used to implement a wide variety of projects. Among other things, corporate websites with responsive design, e-commerce solutions or the content structure of an intranet. At the same time, Drupal meets high security standards and stability. 

  • For whom is Drupal suitable?

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    The CMS Drupal is suitable for any company that wants to run professional content management. The application is quite simple and at the same time versatile. A wide variety of data structures can be developed in no time at all, such as articles, blog posts, product descriptions or events. 

  • What does Open Source mean?

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    Open source software is characterized by the fact that the source code is public and can be viewed and managed by third parties. This allows flexibility and individual adaptations.