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Successful on the market since 1946

Our task

Develop and establish a holistic online marketing strategy

Fischer Wolle is a specialist mail order company for hand and machine knitting wool. The extensive range includes all products related to handicrafts. Our task was to develop and implement an online marketing strategy for the traditional company founded in 1946. Key elements of the full service digital marketing approach were the integration of e-commerce and performance marketing - with a focus on paid online marketing and paid social channels. The goal: to increase awareness in the target group and continuously increase sales.

Our work delivers what we promise - with success that can be measured!

200 %

more purchases

120 %

more clicks

52 %

Increase in ROAS

... since our care!

Fischer Wolle
Fischer Wolle

The challenge

Optimize sales and awareness in the off-season

Wool and knitwear products are considered seasonal articles, which are in particular demand in winter. The particular challenge was therefore to position the range with the target groups in the off-season as well. Two goals were linked to this: on the one hand, sales were to remain at a good level during the summer months. On the other hand, the awareness of the Fischer Wolle brand was to be increased in order to be perceived as the first address for wool and handicraft articles in the season.

Customer voice

"We consider ourselves lucky to have found a strong full-service partner in the field of digital marketing with SUNZINET. The biggest benefit: Thanks to a targeted marketing mix, we have been able to increase our sales as well as our awareness in equal measure - despite the low season! Another highlight is always the open and cooperative exchange with our contacts at SUNZINET. We look forward to implementing many more exciting projects together in the future!" Jonathan Laub, Managing Director Fischer Wolle

Our solution

A strong mix of Google Ads, Social Ads and SEO

Based on a holistic digital marketing concept for Fischer Wolle, we used a mix of different marketing channels. We took over and optimized ongoing Google Ads campaigns. Based on this, further campaigns were created to continuously boost the conversion rate. In the next step, we added social ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These channels held great potential for Fischer Wolle in e-commerce, which is now being used in a targeted manner. Pinterest in particular is an excellent channel for DIY and knitting.

Through a full funnel strategy - integrated into the campaigns - potential customers are addressed at the right time with the right message via the right channel throughout their entire customer journey. In order to be at the cutting edge with Fischer Wolle in the future, the ad portfolio is expanded and optimized through constant research, A/B tests and analyses. Our full service support in digital marketing for this project also includes a facelift of the website as well as the integration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the meantime, we also optimize the blog texts on the website and support the writing of new search engine optimized content.


  • 360 Degree Digital Marketing for Fischer Wolle | SUNZINET
  • 360 Degree Digital Marketing for Fischer Wolle | SUNZINET
  • 360 Degree Digital Marketing for Fischer Wolle | SUNZINET
  • The result

    More clicks, more conversions, more sales for Fischer Wolle

    Performance increased, new customers gained, existing customers retained! The goal of the new online marketing strategy has been achieved. Fischer Wolle was able to significantly increase sales, as well as clicks, conversions and ROAS. This successful project was mainly due to the fact that we at SUNZINET developed a cross-channel online marketing strategy together with the customer. In doing so, we took into account the touchpoints along the entire customer journey. Combined with the revised design of the online presence, Fischer Wolle is now optimally positioned for a successful future in digital business.

    In order to continue to exploit the potential in the best possible way, we will remain at Fischer Wolle's side as a digital marketing agency for the long term. We will continue to look after the paid online marketing channels, constantly expand them and test new innovative campaigns. We will accompany the topics SEO and Shop as well as the exploration of new potentials. Because our goal is to support Fischer Wolle in the long term with growth and corporate development.

    360 Degree Digital Marketing for Fischer Wolle | SUNZINET
    360 Degree Digital Marketing for Fischer Wolle | SUNZINET

    About Fischer Wolle

    Fischer Wolle: A byword for quality and service for 65 years. It all began in 1946, when Georg Fischer opened the Babenhausen exchange centre shortly after the war (according to the motto: "Exchange children's shoes for a man's shirt"). After the currency reform, this became a wool and textile specialist shop, which today has grown into a large specialist mail order company for hand and machine knitting wool.