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A few of your potential colleagues

    Stefano Di Legami | Development | sunzinet AG

    Stefano works for SUNZINET as a developer. In his free time he likes to lift a few weights in the gym and conjures up healthy culinary highlights in his kitchen. On his bookshelf, you'll find books on personality development, which Stefano devours like others the sports section of the BILD newspaper.

    Sascha Cremers | Development | sunzinet AG

    As a developer at SUNZINET, Sascha manages projects primarily from a technical perspective. He gains the experience for this mainly at home - building Lego trains with his children.

    Florian Scheffer | Development | sunzinet AG

    Even though our developer Florian is a professional TYPO3 crack and loves programming, it's not only HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP that make his heart beat faster. He can also do an ollie, slides and flips and likes to do a few laps on his skateboard. And he's already thinking about melodies for his next soundtrack. Unreliable guys drive him just as crazy as permanently repeating noises. Speaking of palm trees, the Maldives are his absolute dream destination.

    Zbigniew Jacko | SUNZINET

    Zbigniew is a certified TYPO3 developer by profession and a certified barista at heart. His favorite espresso? Is complex, clear and lively in taste. He also brings these nuances to exciting web projects - and is always eager to experiment. By the way, he not only advises our customers and our team, he also provides us with the necessary caffeine kick. Keep it up!

Your Workplace


You decide whether you work in one of our modern offices or in your home office. As a developer, you have the choice. You can also choose a mix of both options.


Do you prefer to work with a MacBook Pro or a Windows-based device? Take your pick! The same goes for your IDEs.


Whether it's a loft atmosphere in Cologne, a central location in Hamburg's Hafencity or a view of the water in Gdansk. Each office is unique and contributes to an inspiring working atmosphere.

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