Quality assurance

We at sunzinet support you in the quality assurance of your digital products. From the determination of your test requirements to the execution of the test scenarios individually created for you, we accompany you in an advisory capacity throughout the entire development process. Reduce the number of errors and the associated costs and increase your quality standard. It is sunzinet's claim to deliver the best quality, which is why all projects are accompanied by quality assurance.


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Your advantages and added value through quality assurance:

Protect yourself from operational blindness and negative customer feedback and let us support you in ensuring your quality. Our high quality standard creates trust with your customers and is essential for your customer loyalty.

We are ISTQB certified!

With our "Certified Software Tester" we always guarantee the best quality for your project. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board has developed the world's most successful software tester certification program. The system is based on extensive knowledge and examination rules, which are applied uniformly worldwide. Examinations and supporting material are available in many languages.

Quality is our standard

At sunzinet, quality assurance is an integral part of every development project. From conception to live performance, quality assurance ensures a consistently high standard of quality.

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