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aixigo is one of the established providers of innovative software for banks and financial service providers and specializes in the digitization of the financial sector. The company's technology enables innovation leaders to digitize all aspects of private banking as well as retail banking.

The Challenge

The old aixigo website no longer lived up to the company's claim of being perceived as a modern digital service provider. The software provider was therefore faced with the challenge of modernizing content and design on the old website. When designing the new site, aixigo made sure that it would be easy to understand how the company's digital innovations had a lasting impact and offered customers real added value. In addition, the new, comprehensibly prepared content was intended to appeal more to international target groups. Further goals of the website relaunch were an increased lead generation and conversion rate.


Our Approach & Solution

The new website at illustrates the offer of the software provider. Although the services aixigo has in its portfolio are difficult to grasp, we have managed to communicate them in an understandable way. For example, a "solution finder" in honeycomb design on the homepage helps customers to easily determine which software solution from the aixigo portfolio is suitable for their requirements. In order to guarantee an optimal searchability of the website and thus to create the conditions for leads and conversions, we have also strongly optimized the site for search engines.

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