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ARGEN is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality scaffolding materials and the world's largest manufacturer of dental precious metals. The company also offers digital dental production and services in the two digital centers in the parent company of ARGEN Corporation in San Diego and in the premises of ARGEN Dental GmbH in Düsseldorf.

The Challenge

In order to continue offering its customers an engaging digital experience, ARGEN faced the challenge of replacing its outdated website at with a new one. This was to do justice to the company's modern appearance and processes and help it to stand out from its competitors. SUNZINET was given the task of combining an up-to-date and unusual design with a wide range of functionalities. It was of central importance to continue to enable ARGEN's customers to place their orders conveniently in the protected area - the so-called product extension.


Our Approach & Solution

The CMS TYPO3 as the basis for the website and structure of the database
We used TYPO3 not only as the basis for the website but also for the database structure. The product extension has been developed by SUNZINET individually on a TYPO3 basis using complex logarithms. ARGEN customers can now comfortably upload their files in the protected area, these are recorded and individual dental models are milled from them. Thanks to digital processing, ARGEN can deliver the finished product the next day to customers who place their order by 12 noon.
A modern design for high-performance
With the extraordinary design in hexagon optics, we have picked up ARGEN optimally at his ideas. Micro-animations on the homepage support the technical ambiance of the site and make scrolling an experience.

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