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Art-Invest Real Estate

Art-Invest Real Estate was founded in 2010 and is a real estate, project development and investment company headquartered in Cologne. The group consists of a total of four owner-managed companies and is a national leader in the field of commercial project development. The focus is on metropolitan regions in Germany, Austria and Great Britain. The range of investments spans the entire return and risk spectrum in the areas of office, inner-city retail, hotel, residential and data centers.

The Challenge

The Art-Invest Real Estate Group is a real estate, project development and investment company consisting of four owner-managed companies with headquarters in Cologne. In order to simplify communication within the entire group, a central communication platform was needed quickly. Our task was to create a future-proof digital workplace that would foster a corporate culture across all locations, bundle knowledge and make it accessible to the entire staff of the Art-Invest Real Estate Group from anywhere.


Our Approach & Solution

A future-proof Digital Workplace that bundles knowledge and connects people.
 "Networking becomes ARTNETworking. Standard becomes state-of-the-art. Intranet becomes ARTNET." SUNZINET introduced the new ARTNET at Art-Invest under this forward-looking guiding idea - a strong brand for the company's first own Digital Workplace, which digitizes internal collaboration in a meaningful way. How exactly? On the basis of MS SharePoint 2019 On-Premises and an application specially developed by SUNZINET. ARTNET, as a social intranet, already offers numerous functions that improve the exchange and networking of employees. These include, for example, company news with a like and comment function, a microfeed, expert profiles for each user, project profiles, workspaces and individually personalizable jump links in applications.

We have found the collaboration with SUNZINET on our first intranet to be very professional and cooperative. The team at SUNZINET quickly understood what requirements needed to be met and together we created a helpful internal communication tool for our employees that supports us in our work every day and of which we are very proud. Collaboration and knowledge sharing in our company have improved significantly since the introduction of the new intranet - not least thanks to the intensive change communication.

Ann-Kathrin Krämer Head of Corporate Marketing

Change Communication

Change Communication ensures that the new Digital Workplace is accepted by all.

In order to bring the employees of the group along in the digital transformation, the new intranet was already communicatively teased before its launch: through a landing page developed and implemented by SUNZINET, including a countdown to the go-live date.  In addition, further change measures implemented by us were used. Among other things, dedicated news articles and short, clear explanatory videos helped to familiarize users with the advantages of ARTNET. With success: The Art Invest Group is thoroughly convinced by the new social platform, which more than meets the requirements of a future-oriented digital workplace, especially in these days.  

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Simona Mayer - Head of Business Development - SUNZINET
Simona Mayer
Head of Business Development

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