ASS Maschinenbau

ASS Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1983. The company develops intelligent solutions for various tasks in the fields of automation and robotics. ASS offers customized solutions around injection molding and automation for manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive and plastic injection molding industry.

The Challenge

Global digitalization of our customer requires an onlineshop.

The growth and competitiveness of the ASS company is to be guaranteed and promoted with an additional sales channel - an online shop. Therefore, SUNZINET was given the task of mapping the product catalog for the ASS robot hand construction kit.

In order to offer the individual articles of the robot hand construction kit for online purchase, around 1,900 components in 270 product families had to be digitized and integrated into the Shopware 6 shop system. Here, the individual item numbers consisted of a sequence of digits with separators that could not be processed as desired in the Shopware standard search. Even a Shopware update to a new version, which actually promised more configuration options, could not solve the problem with the product search.


Our Approach & Solution

Integration of the tool Doofinder in Shopware for optimized product search

We integrated the Doofinder tool into the Shopware shop system to implement a product search with numerous configuration options and according to the requirements. This allowed us, for example, to customize the search based on item numbers. In addition, the collected product data from the PIM system is transferred directly to Shopware via an Apache-NiFi interface.

Furthermore, we tested the various requirements for the new store from the very beginning with an out-of-the-box solution. As a result, there was always a make-or-buy decision before the actual implementation. Accordingly, we only implemented our own development in those areas where the available standard solutions did not meet the requirements. Finally, a closed beta phase took place before the store launch: Our customer ASS was given the opportunity to thoroughly test the store itself and then provide feedback. We took the feedback into account even before the go-live and implemented it accordingly. 

The Result

From print to an online product catalog

Thanks to the particularly close cooperation with the various ASS departments, we succeeded in launching the new online shop, including the Apache-NiFi interface and other features, after only 6 months of project work. The new online shop has a clearly structured product overview, which provides the user with a comprehensive overview of the entire ASS product range. This product overview also supports ASS field sales as an important information hub and service platform. For example, the field sales team now guides potential customers digitally through the product range - previously this was done via a print product catalog. So here, fundamental digitization took place according to the textbook: From classic print to digital.

The new shop also significantly eases the burden on customer service, as customers can now obtain a lot of information online. At the same time, this increases the quality of customer service inquiries. Shortly after going live, user feedback on the new store, its functions and usability was very positive - among other things, new registrations were recorded every day.

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