Strategic upgrade in e-commerce: store migration to Shopware 6


Berg Kompressoren is a company that manufactures and sells compressors and air treatment technology worldwide. It provides high-quality equipment, training and service.   

Berg Kompressoren equipment is installed everywhere where air quality is critical. These include food manufacturing plants, electronics, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, health centers and clinics. 

Berg Kompressoren customer project SUNZINET Shopware

The Project

New store system for greater efficiency 

The online store solution that had served Berg Kompressoren faithfully over the years (Gambio) was showing signs of diminishing effectiveness.
The main challenges for the company therefore included the following points:

  • Outdated technology impeding efficient store management 
  • Customer navigation challenges along the purchase path  
  • Supporting a niche market in high-specialised industrial solutions 

The 2022 project work that has begun is the company's response to these challenges. 

Our Approach

Technological solution at the highest level 

After intensive workshops and competitive analyses, we decided to strengthen Berg Kompressoren with a modern store system. The choice fell on Shopware 6, which proved to be the ideal solution for the specialized sector.

The implementation included:

  • Migrating all aspects of the existing e-commerce to the new platform: The project aimed not only to preserve customer service continuity but also to enable new features, with a carefully planned roadmap ensuring a smooth transition of customer data, transaction history, and settings to the new platform. 
  • Enhancing the scalability and efficiency of the sales platform: The adopted solution enhances operational agility and market adaptability by enabling dynamic creation of new product variants, swift updates to offerings, and effective promotion campaign launches. 
Berg Kompressoren customer project SUNZINET Shopware

The Result

Business growth and improved customer experience with Shopware 6 

Berg Kompressoren now benefits from the following features with Shopware 6:

  • Optimization of the buying process: The implemented solutions offer professional buyers fast and efficient navigation, improved navigation tools and advanced filters for intuitive product exploration.
  • Simple content & price management: New functions in the administration panel enable quick adjustments to the product range and increase flexibility in product and promotion management. 
  • User-friendly operation: The updates facilitate the operation of the website and enable quick reactions to market trends and customer requirements.

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