Biontech: Relaunch of an intranet for all employees

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    Increase in intranet usage by 50%
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BioNTech AG is the largest unlisted biopharmaceutical company in Europe and a pioneer in the development of individualized therapies for cancer and other diseases. The company combines all important disciplines of personalized immunotherapy - from diagnostics to drug development and production - under one roof.

The Challenge

Due to the enormous growth, the internal communication at BioNtech also had to be further expanded and professionalized. Our challenges?

  • Develop a mobile intranet
  • Establish digital workplace tool as knowledge and communication hub
  • Support and connect employees in their daily work in the best possible way 
  • Increase the use of the intranet among the workforce

Challenge accepted! 

Our Approach

A detailed analysis phase was carried out to determine the needs and requirements of the employees for the new BioNTech intranet. Custom development with SharePoint was chosen as the technical solution, allowing for a flexible and mobile concept and design. The in-house SharePoint framework "Daizy" was used to transform the platform into a fully-fledged and visually appealing intranet in line with the corporate design.


The Result

An attractive SharePoint - thanks to individually developed add-ons

All in all, we realized a central communication platform for BioNTech, whose conception, design and development were individually adapted to the customer's requirements:

  • Increase in intranet usage by 50%
  • Central access to information for all employees
  • Strengthening of knowledge transfer and collaboration
  • Easy handling through individual add-on development

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