Bundeskunsthalle: Digitizing the art experience

The Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, in short: Bundeskunsthalle, in Bonn is a popular art, culture and science museum, and one of the most visited in Germany since its opening in 1992. It has established a wide range of collaborations with cultural and scientific institutions around the world.


The Goal

Previously, information about the Bundeskunsthalle and its exhibitions was only accessible through their website or printed materials. To enhance user experience, the institution aimed to digitize its services and make them available on-the-go through an app.


The Challenge

SUNZINET cam on board to digitize the art experience develop and develop an app that had the following features:

  • The mobile application should act as a hub for all the information, exhibitions and services provided by Bundeskunsthalle
  • The Digital Foyer should showcase 360-degree views of the premises
  • The app can be used as a digital media guide during exhibitions.
  • The visitors can access supplementary audio tracks, sign language videos, and further exhibit information through QR codes.
  • Registered app users can benefit from additional offers and services.

Additionally, the app needed to be optimized for integration with existing systems and services while maintaining simple content maintenance.



Our Approach

The concept was developed using an agile approach, with intensive work meetings to understand the customer's needs and derive technical and design requirements.

To integrate the app into the existing software in the best possible way, the developers responsible implemented three architectural layers.

  1. First architecture layer: Headless CMS
    The app content is managed via Directus, a free and open-source headless CMS with an easy-to-use interface. An interface connection brings all available Bundeskunsthalle system information into the app.

  2. Second architecture layer: The middleware
    The middleware, based on Laravel, is the central interface where information from various channels is transferred to the app. It integrates content from the website, online magazine, social media channels, and CRM system.

  3. Third architecture layer: The app
    The app layer uses Vue.js, Ionic, and Capacitor to enable cross-platform web apps for iOs, Android, and browsers (PWA).

The result

Bundeskunsthalle App

The app features a modern design reflecting the artistic character of Bundeskunsthalle.

The App features the following: 

  • Offers, services and information are bundled in one place for the users. 
  • Events can be filtered according to various options.
  • Interests can be managed through the app.
  • Starting from 2023 tickets can be purchased via the app.
  • The integrated QR code scanner allows users to call up supplementary texts, audio guides or videos on the exhibits.
  • Social media channels are integrated to motivate visitors to post about their experience
  • The app offers a digital tour with 360-degree views of the spacious rooms and the roof terrace of the Bundeskunsthalle.

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