DRF Luftrettung

DRF Luftrettung, based in Filderstadt, is one of the largest air rescue organizations in Europe. At 29 stations in Germany, the non-profit organization performs emergency rescue missions and conducts transfer flights of critically ill or injured persons between hospitals. In addition, DRF Luftrettung uses its own ambulance aircraft to bring patients back from abroad.  In addition, DRF Luftrettung is committed to improving emergency care and medical assistance, among other things through research and development activities in the field of emergency medicine and its use in air rescue.

Implementation of a new intranet

 At DRF Luftrettung, every minute counts when it comes to saving human lives. The employees work throughout Germany and beyond its borders. In order to place internal communication on a modern technical foundation, SUNZINET was hired to implement an intranet based on SharePoint Online Modern as well as the accompanying change process.

Die Challenge

Connect the various operative locations
 In order to be able to provide help as quickly as possible at the scene of an accident, the DRF Luftrettung has many operational locations. In addition to the various stations and the shipyard, there are also two administrative locations. A solution had to be found that would enable company-wide communication between all employees and digitally create a common home.

Our Approach & Solution

 To find the best possible solution, online surveys and interviews were conducted with employees. After the kickoff workshop on site, the detailed conception was started, followed by the implementation of the system. In order to ensure that the intranet really becomes the home of all DRF Luftrettung employees, a decentralized editorial structure was set up. In addition to the central news from the management and the internal communication, important news flow directly into the intranet. In addition to helpful information from contact persons, social content from the individual departments is integrated into the intranet.

The cooperation with SUNZINET is characterized by professionalism and goal-oriented exchange at eye level. The cooperation following the implementation of the intranet also deserves praise: together we continue to develop the solution, and the individual implementation of even short-term adjustments and the always very good availability of the SUNZINET team stand out positively here.

Claudia Ziegler Unternehmenskommunikation

The Result

The intranet provides a user-friendly and intuitive platform on which all employees can find the tools relevant to their work. News is now published in a timely, company-wide and structured manner. Thanks to the decentralized editorial structure, the entire staff has access to the intranet.

Even before the implementation, DRF Luftrettung was working with Microsoft 365. The linking of the already existing tools now facilitates efficient work. The digital transformation ensures networking among each other so that a common understanding of the work and goals of the DRF Luftrettung becomes transparent.

Good relationships begin personally

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Simona Mayer - Head of Business Development - SUNZINET
Simona Mayer
Head of Business Development


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