Ebner Stolz

Ebner Stolz is one of the largest independent auditing and consulting firms in Germany. The company employs a total of around 1,700 people at 15 locations across Germany. Ebner Stolz offers its mostly medium-sized clients services such as auditing as well as tax, legal and management consulting.

The Challenge

For the medium-sized auditing and consulting company Ebner Stolz, we used SharePoint and our in-house framework to create a Digital Workplace with numerous functions that make everyday work easier for employees. Like many other companies, the audit and consulting firm is facing the challenge of digital transformation. On the way there, the new Ebner Stolz Intranet, called ESI, is a key milestone.


Our Approach & Solution

The start page of the new intranet offers each employee information tailored to his or her location and department. A clear user experience design and a clearly arranged dashboard ensure an effective start to work. In addition, on the personal profile pages, all employees can enter their qualifications and skills and thus be quickly identified by colleagues as suitable contacts.

Collaboration Features for an optimized internal work

Another focus at ESI is on collaboration. Virtual workspaces enable collaboration in teams and ensure a smooth, topic-based exchange among colleagues at different locations. Here, they can work together on documents and keep track of their pending tasks at all times.

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