FriedWald has been offering burials in the forest as an alternative to traditional burials in a cemetery since 2001. At 63 locations in Germany, FriedWald arranges such burials, where the ashes of the deceased rest in biodegradable urns under trees in the middle of the forest.  A small name plate on the corresponding tree draws attention to the burial site. FriedWald acts as an intermediary between the people concerned, public authorities (e.g. municipalities), foresters and forest owners.

The Challenge

For FriedWald, our task was to align the website at with the various needs of the different target groups of the provider of forest burials in terms of usability and design. In addition, the special features of the nationwide FriedWald locations had to be communicated in an understandable way. These are not branches in the classical sense, but different forests where trees can be purchased for a forest burial.

The purchase of such a tree is possible via the online store integrated into the website, for which we also implemented a relaunch. The challenge here was to clearly present the different price models of the trees depending on the location. In addition, the sensitive topic of burial was to be appropriately illustrated on all launched platforms.

Our Approach & Solution

Both the website and the online store were implemented using TYPO3 software to clearly communicate the necessary product, location and price features as well as the general FriedWald concept. We initially entered the data for all locations and products centrally. Nevertheless, there is still the possibility to individualize the data site-specific. Thus, special features or deviations can be flexibly adapted.


Successful usability with expressive design

The new website is clearly laid out and enables quick orientation. In addition, the "location search" function quickly provides users with a selection of locations in their vicinity. The theme of burial is communicated sensitively through a coherent design language with panoramic views of forests and trees.

We have a partnership-based, transparent and well-structured cooperation with SUNZINET, in which both sides contribute their expertise, experience and ideas. The exchange is always constructive and appreciative, brings progress and is fun!

Franziska Bittel
Franziska Bittel Projectmanager Marketing

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