The insurance group looks back on more than 200 years of company history. With almost four million members and around 5,900 employees, Gothaer is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany. Its various stakeholders require professional action as well as prompt reaction. The onset of the Corona pandemic brought with it unfamiliar situations that posed challenges for many companies. Even in such situations, action must be taken quickly.

SUNZINET was commissioned by Gothaer to implement a portal that serves as a labor law information base.

The Challenge

Time-to-Market in 7 days

The project was to be successfully implemented within one week. The sudden emergence of questions from employees and other stakeholders prompted this short time-to-market. In order to meet the customer requirements in the best possible way, a two-week intensive exchange as well as a consolidated project implementation took place before the start.


Our Approach & Solution

The content of the online portal was variable in nature, so changes were made frequently. For this reason, we used a template solution with the integration of various RSS feeds. The RSS feeds ensured that the content was up to date. The portal was implemented on the basis of TYPO3.

The portal went live in April 2020. Many uncertainties that were observable at the beginning of the pandemic could be clarified. For this reason, the portal is no longer necessary and has since been deactivated.

The Result

After just one week, the desired online portal was integrated on the customer's website. Visitors were able to get an overview of labor law updates. Topics that caused uncertainty and raised questions among many were covered in the portal. Thanks to a fast time-to-market, the client was able to provide its customers with information in a timely manner and support them in the event of ambiguities.

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