Gebäudeversicherung Bern

As part of its legal mandate, the Gebäudeschutzversicherung Bern (GVB) insures all buildings in the Canton of Bern against fire and natural hazards. In order to provide the best possible protection for people and property, it is committed to preventive fire protection and, as the supervisory body for the Bernese fire brigades, is committed to professional firefighting. GVB also has three subsidiaries: GVB Privatversicherungen AG, GVB Services AG and SafeT Swiss AG.

The Challenge

Relaunch of the GVBNet for an open communication culture

Since 2010, three subsidiaries have emerged from the Gebäudeversicherung Bern (GVB) - the GVB Group was founded. In the course of this, the demands on the previous intranet also increased, which as a static system could not be further expanded technically. Therefore, our task was to create a new digital space for GVB that bundles knowledge across locations, strengthens internal communication, is mobile accessible and includes all employees equally. The overall aim was to significantly strengthen the corporate identification and digital transformation of the group of companies.


Our Approach & Solution

Integration of all employees with Staffbase Employee Experience intranet and employee app

Since employees from different departments and with different needs were to use the intranet, the new communication platform had to address this heterogeneous target group equally. In order to meet this requirement, we were in close contact with GVB and Staffbase, our partner for intranet software, throughout the entire project. In addition to the conceptual design, the system was configured in phases and constantly adapted to the customer's requirements in joint working meetings.

The close communication paid off: When migrating target group-specific content, we succeeded in reconciling the heterogeneous requirements in one system. As a result, every single GVB employee is now holistically integrated into digital communication and networked knowledge exchange. By combining the Staffbase Employee Experience Intranet and an employee app, we finally replaced the old CMS in-house development with a new, agile intranet: the GVBNet - including mobile app. Subsequently, in cooperation with Staffbase, GVB was empowered to use and maintain the content of the system independently.

The Result

New intranet strengthens knowledge sharing and corporate identity

The new GVBNet and the employee app from SUNZINET and Staffbase promote all-round internal communication and digital collaboration at GVB - across departments and regardless of location. This is also reflected in the increased interaction: employees particularly enjoy using the easy-to-use social feed - where they can digitally exchange information with each other at any time. In this way, employees are in close contact with each other despite their home office. This also strengthens the corporate identity. Another decisive factor is the uncomplicated access to all important files and documents, which additionally supports the user acceptance of the newly introduced system. In addition, it is now possible to execute internal processes directly on the intranet. For example, internal orders are now only placed directly in the system - this saves time and long coordination loops. Thus, with the GVBNet, collaboration is altogether more efficient and structured.

Based on this successful digital collaboration, we continue to maintain a close exchange with GVB in order to constantly adapt the intranet to the changing needs of employees. In this way, we will continue to support GVB in optimizing its digital processes in the future.

SUNZINET has implemented our new Staffbase intranet: modern, intuitive to use and mobile accessible. Thanks to the agile solution, we were able to optimize our internal communication and digital collaboration to the delight of our employees. And we as a company are more than satisfied with the professional and reliable implementation: In SUNZINET we have found the right partner for our digital project and will stick to it in the future!"

Linda Zampieri Communication Specialist

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