In the information portal of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK), state and state-recognised German higher education institutions publish up-to-date information on their study and doctoral opportunities. All information in the Higher Education Compass is authorised by the universities and is updated by university staff.

The Challenge

We have been working successfully and in partnership with the Hochschulkompass for over ten years now. We received the order to create mobile optimized TYPO3 website under with a modern and target group oriented design.


The Result

Relevant features for the target group

The user now gets exactly the functions he needs at a glance on the start page. An integrated appartment search supports students in their search for accommodation. The university place exchange of the Hochschulkompass offers students the opportunity to find a suitable free place to study even shortly before the start of the semester. The HRK Research Map makes it possible to search for research topics at German higher education institutions that particularly shape the institutional profile of a higher education institution.


Over 19,000 study programmes in one database

The customer was faced with the challenge of presenting highly complex data, which is maintained by a large number of educational institutions, in a bundled form on one website and making it easy to use. The website includes all universities and courses of study in Germany with a total of more than 19,000 courses of study. The platform provides comprehensive information on every course of study, every university and every doctorate. Due to its large database, the Higher Education Compass is integrated with the leading German medium SpiegelOnline, among others.

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