Since the end of 2014, the name MAYBACH has been a supplementary brand of the German automobile brand Mercedes-Benz and has embodied extraordinary luxury in the automotive sector. The Mercedes-Maybach limousines are particularly convincing due to their high-quality equipment with selected materials, spaciousness and technical perfection. The MAYBACH - Icons of Luxury Accessoires also reflect this high quality standard. Thus, the legendary character of the automobile icon also reaches the personal world beyond the road.

The Challenge

For Maybach Luxury the task was to relaunch the online shop. When designing the new shop, the company attached great importance to optimizing the way it addresses users and giving it an international orientation. In addition, the design was to be modernized and the product range presented accordingly.


Our Approach & Solution

Simultaneously to the presentation of the new Mercedes Maybach S600, the online shop of MAYBACH - Icons of Luxury by sunzinet was launched. The internationally oriented Magento online shop is of course fully responsive and includes an automatic geo-localization for an improved approach to visitors. The shop offers international shopping pleasure of the luxury class without borders. In addition, we were commissioned with the realisation of the website. The site lives from large images, which are perfectly shown to advantage by the stylish design. Visitors can inform themselves about the individual products and learn more about the materials and manufacturing methods used.

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