The family business REGUPOL BSW GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of polyurethane-bound rubber granulate products. The REGUPOL material of the same name is used for elastic, protective and insulating products in various fields of application. The company concentrates mainly on the production of elastic sports floors and products for the construction industry. In addition, REGUPOL produces foams, for example for the well-known Tatami Judomatten from REGUPOL BSW GmbH.

The Challenge

Our central task for REGUPOL BSW was to relaunch the corporate website at The company aimed at a market and target group oriented digital marketing to new and existing customers. Therefore, it was important to create a comprehensive website solution that would do justice to the different target groups. At the same time it was necessary to accompany the brand relaunch of the company. In addition, we accompanied the name change of „BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH“ to „REGUPOL BSW GmbH“.


Our Approach & Solution

The new TYPO3-based corporate website unmistakably signals the competence and years of experience of the REGUPOL company. In order to address both new and existing customers, we have created additional satellite pages for the individual product areas.

The Result

Improved user guidance thanks to satellite pages

An example of this is the separate product portal "Load securing" with information on anti-slip mats. Thus, the information about the company is listed on the corporate website separately from the assortment. This has the advantage that users can find their way around the website quickly and easily. The individual progresses of the brand relaunch of REGUPOL BSW are documented via the separate blog (Road to REGUPOL), which we have also implemented.

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