Stadtwerke München

Stadtwerke München (SWM) is one of the largest municipal utilities in Germany. They supply the Bavarian capital with energy and drinking water around the clock and ensure city-friendly mobility as well as sustainable telecommunications services.

SWM has set itself the internal goal of raising the employer experience to a new digital level. How? With a central communication and information tool that is also accessible via mobile app for all 10,000 employees at over 40 locations.

To achieve this, SUNZINET was commissioned as a digitization partner. We accompanied SWM from start to finish. The project began with strategy consulting and goal definition. In the course of the project, the solution was successfully implemented on the basis of the selected intranet software and accompanied by a major change communication campaign for the launch.

The Challenge

The personnel structure at SWM is characterized by a high degree of heterogeneity. In addition to employees who spend their working hours exclusively at their PCs, other occupational groups, such as bus drivers or workshop workers, are exclusively mobile at SWM. Their work takes place away from their desks - which makes it difficult to access a "classic intranet" that is usually only accessible from the desktop.

Our common goal: an intranet that is easily accessible to 100% of the workforce. This is the only way we will manage to connect all colleagues, regardless of occupational group and location, and thus take employee communication to the next level.

Our Approach

The project team, including the customer, software manufacturer and SUNZINET, consisted of almost 40 project participants, with whom common goals were pursued in close cooperation throughout the project. In addition to a large corporate communication and IT team, the software provider Staffbase was a fundamental part of the project work.

Apart from the integration of the new intranet into the existing Microsoft 365 technology and the focus on making the intranet accessible on desktop and via app, the culture change was a fundamental part of the project.

A target group-oriented launch campaign under the title "You connect Munich. We connect you" was an essential part of our change management strategy.


The Result

After a year of successful collaboration, the time had come: the new intranet is online! With Staffbase, SWM has an individual intranet in its own corporate design that is accessible to all employees thanks to app technology. Internal networking motivates employees and creates the perfect basis for a digital communication and networking platform. In the process, Staffbase was seamlessly integrated into the existing technologies and the Digital Workplace.

The new Employer Experience is a complete success. Just four weeks after going live, 73% of employees were already registered. Previously, only 50% of employees had any access at all to the old intranet. A KPI that is something to be proud of.

Staffbase's simple editorial interface enables fast creation of high-quality content. Numerous plugins for communication features such as news, chats and forms are easy to implement with Staffbase.

SWM has since benefited from the optimized networking and seamless communication flow.



Cooperation with heart: Together with our SUNZINET project managers, we led our intranet relaunch to success. SUNZINET was exactly the right partner for us for the intranet/employee app launch: Very strategically and yet pleasantly hands-on, we were optimally accompanied in all launch steps, from setup, UX/UI, launch campaign and support strategy to effectiveness measurement."

Johanna Weichbrodt Head of Internal Communications

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