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Stage stands for unique theaters, musicals and shows. It is one of the world's leading companies in live entertainment. The approximately 2,500 employees offer their guests magical moments and base everything they do on the slogan "Touching hearts, creating memories".

Stage Entertainment Deutschland is the market leader in Germany and welcomes around 4 million visitors a year. Based in Hamburg, the company is of great artistic and economic importance to the city. Stage has set itself the goal of responding faster to customer needs and increasing conversions. The full service digital agency SUNZINET was hired to be the sparring partner to provide digital consulting and operational support in the project and day-to-day business.

The Challenge

Restructuring of the digital team

Sooner or later, traditional structures can reach their limits. One reason why Stage wanted to adapt the structure of the digital team organizationally - with a focus on agile collaboration. With the foundation of such a team as well as the digital support of our full service expertise, measures for conversion optimization, among other things, were to be implemented.

We supported the team's development from the very beginning. In-house training as well as workshops and body leasing by our employees contributed to the implementation. The cooperation is characterized by flexible use of resources and individual support.


Our Approach & Solution

Conversion optimization and expansion of the internal tool landscape

The new digital team at Stage is supported by SUNZINET. Especially at the beginning, support in building up technical knowledge and structuring internal processes is an advantage. Our market experience and best practices from the agency's everyday work served as a supporting guide.

Initially, we provided consulting services in the area of website and conversion optimization. A/B testing and the establishment of a continuous test cycle were initiated. Intensive staff training followed regarding Google Analytics 4, Google Optimize, Google Analytics 360, Tag Manager, web analytics and tracking, Iridion and Hotjar. This ensured understanding of the expanded internal tool landscape.

UX support for campaign planning

Cross-platform UX support was provided for the planning and creation of various campaigns. In addition to comprehensive consulting, we designed campaign assets for display, social media, website and other communication channels. In order to meet the customer's requirements, we were always in sparring with Stage. In the area of social media, we devoted ourselves in particular to retargeting. For this, we produced special link and video ads as well as stories for Instagram and Facebook.

Go-Live-Support & Performance-Tracking

In the meantime, we have been able to support various projects during go-live. To ensure reliable monitoring, we created a dashboard that contains the performance of all key performance indicators. In this way, all assets, A/B tests and key performance indicators can be evaluated in real time. Automated reporting of basic test results is another monitoring measure. We have also defined threshold values so that negative tests are stopped at an early stage.

The Result

Stage's digital team has now been consolidated and is increasingly working independently. The traditional structures in the digital area have been dissolved. Short turnaround times enable timely responses to changing market conditions. The digital marketing measures have led to a steady increase in website performance and the performance of all shows, and conversions have been sustainably optimized.




Stage Entertainment is a Dutch company and was founded in 1998 by Joop van den Ende. Since 2018, it has been owned by the US media company ADVANCE Publications. Worldwide, 2,500 employees work for the company in seven countries and 19 theaters. Stage Entertainment is one of the world's leading players in live entertainment. Its portfolio of around 70 shows includes international hit shows as well as specially developed musical theater productions.

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