TECTRION offers competent maintenance solutions for production plants, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, thus contributing to safe and trouble-free operation and efficient production. As a cooperation partner in the CHEMPARK service network, TECTRION has an extensive network of partner companies. In this way even complex tasks and special requirements can be realized.

The Challenge

At the same time as the Internet presence, SUNZINET was to implement the new intranet for TECTRION . The aim was to present the company's range of services in a high-quality manner with a holistic concept and the development of a new guiding idea.


Our Approach & Solution

The new TECTRION intranet, implemented by SUNZINET, is a clear internal communication platform for every employee. News are centrally displayed here and important dates are announced. With this digital workplace, the employees' daily work routine is made considerably easier.

Good relationships begin personally

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