Toni Sailer

When people talk about Toni Sailer, many think of the top athlete and skier of the same name. In his honor, Hans Taubenberger named his company for exclusive skiwear after him.

At its headquarters near Munich, the Toni Sailer team works on up to three collections at a time. Design, production, sales, showroom - everything is united under one roof. The company now has its own subsidiary in North America. Toni Sailer has over 250 customers in 30 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

The luxury textile company relies on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. In order to maintain excellence in e-commerce, SUNZINET was commissioned to secure the connection of the online store to the existing ERP system.

For the relaunch of the new Shopify online store, the task was to set up a middleware in the leanest possible way and in the shortest possible time, and to use it to connect the existing ERP system. It was important for the system to be easy to use and for Toni Sailer's IT department to be able to make minor adjustments to the online store itself without having to have extensive programming knowledge. The reason for this is simple - in a growing online store, changes have to be made regularly and sometimes at short notice. A user-friendly IT solution was needed!


Our Approach & Solution

The challenge of the project was to achieve a very fast time-to-market with the help of a technology solution that was as lean as possible. The connection was therefore made using low-code on the basis of the middleware cloud service Synesty. The user-friendly interface enabled an uncomplicated introduction for the employees of Toni Sailer IT after the initial conception and setup by our experts.

The Result

Based on the clear Synesty interface, it was possible to ensure that our customer could quickly become familiar with the technology in order to manage it independently. Without much prior knowledge, Toni Sailer IT can use Synesty to manage their e-commerce data flows and make changes promptly.

The middleware also offers, in contrast to a direct connection, numerous possibilities for the connection of further third party systems. Thus, in our project with Toni Sailer, we have created the basis for an agile, scalable and thus future-proof infrastructure and the digital further development of their e-commerce.

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