With over 50 years of experience in the market, UNGER is the leading supplier of cleaning products for professional glass and building cleaning. the company is not only a well-known brand name in Germany, but has also gained awareness in the international market. With an internationally growing brand, it was important for Unger to target not only german language customers but also its international customers, from varied cultures, speaking different languages, effectively and efficiently.

Therefore SUNZINET became Unger’s partner in 2018 to enable its growth locally and internationally.

As Unger’s digital partner we re-launched the Unger website and enabled a digital marketing strategy.

The Task at hand

On the occasion of the new limited product ranges "Black Series" and "Ninja", we were given the task of promoting these products as part of an extensive campaign.

The goal was to sell the Black Series & Ninja products completely within the respective campaign period ("Black Series": 8 weeks, "Ninja": 4 weeks). Another goal of the campaigns was also to increase reach and brand awareness, especially among potential new customers.

Additional to the digital campaigns, we also took the responsibility to enable reporting and enable continuous improvement of the digital strategy based on the reports.

The Challenge

Each campaign was supposed to run simultaneously in four different countries (Germany, Netherlands, France, UK). Therefore the biggest challenge of this project was to organize and coordinate the multilingual UNGER website and ads for each country.

Our Approach

To develop the campaign and overcome the challenge we used a cross-channel funnel strategy to ensure that the respective campaign was launched exactly in parallel in these countries.

Through brainstorming sessions together with Unger, we outlined the different targetting strategy for each of the campaigns. Before going live, we implemented a test phase of the first campaign, "Black Series." The test campaign gave us important customer feedback and insights about the campaign, for example, the ads were too complicated. We analysed the test campaign results thoroughly and accordingly adjusted the ads to create an effective Digital marketing campaign.

Our Solution

Both the campaigns, the ‘Black Series’ Campaign and the ‘Ninja’ campaign were launched using a cross-channel funnel strategy.

We implemented a series of ads such as search ads, display ads, single post ads, carrousal ads and video ads on platforms such as Google search, facebook, instagram and youtube.

Additionally, we organically posted about the campaign on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, to draw additional attention to the campaign.


The Result

The result of the two campaigns was easy to calculate. The limited Unger products were all sold out within the first few weeks of the campaign launch.

Our Campaigns generated within the span of 8 week a total of:

9,5 Million Impressions 91,500 Interaction 7000 Conversions

Additionally, SUNZINET was able to generate new target groups with the help of the marketing funnel and optimise the customer satisfaction of existing customers.

There was also a significant increase in the average shopping basket value and a strong increase in sales for our customer UNGER.

Impressions 9,5 Mio
Interactions 91.500
Conversions 7.000

Ongoing work with Unger

We have regular meetings with Unger, in which we discuss ideas and goals for the next marketing campaigns. For example, one of the campaigns that we are currently working together on is a campaign to increase the brand awareness of Unger’s legacy products.

Additionally, we provide them with regular reporting on their campaign and website performance and support them with their CRM Tool, HubSpot.

By choosing SUNZINET, we have made the right choice for our company. Their high quality of advice on the new and further development of our website and great suggestions on new ways to implement inbound marketing with various marketing tools has helped to increase our efficiency and effectiveness - we are very satisfied and see ourselves well positioned for the future.

Dietmar Bernstein Senior Marketing Manager

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