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The Challenge

VRT, a business and legal auditing firm in the Cologne / Bonn region, commissioned us to create various landing pages and to implement additional extensive digital marketing measures. The aim was to increase the leads for the landing pages through SEA campaigns and to address a completely new, hard-to-reach young target group.


Our Approach & Solution

The user's focus is clearly directed to the new landing pages and he or she receives clear calls for action. This prevents unnecessary clicks and distractions. All landing pages are optimized for relevant keywords, so that they rank high in the organic Google search. The integration of trust elements ensures a secure feeling and creates trust with the user.

Targeted SEA campaigns for VRT

Through targeted SEA campaigns we were able to increase the leads for the landing pages many times over. The ads in the search engines were adapted exactly to the respective target page to which they refer. In this way VRT was able to address the new, young target group. We exploited the full potential of the campaigns through iterative pilots, which enabled us to perfectly design all landing pages.

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