SUNZINET develops an app for the Bundeskunsthalle using Headless CMS Directus

The Bundeskunsthalle is a local institution of art, culture and science located in Bonn. It is one of the most visited museums in this country. Since its opening in 1992, it has entered into numerous collaborations of partnering cultural institutions and scientific organizations, which has enabled it to build a worldwide network of various cultural and scientific institutions.

In order to optimize the customer experience of the numerous visitors, an app was to be developed. SUNZINET was commissioned for the concern of digital transformation. The result: an app with multiple features and benefits! 


Technologies used: SUNZINET implemented the app with three architectural layers

In order to implement the app according to customer demands and a holistic customer experience, the developers at SUNZINET built three architectural layers. 
The first layer consists of the headless content management system Directus. Content is entered centrally into the open source platform. Editors can easily manage their content with the headless CMS.

The second layer is the middleware, based on the PHP web framework Laravel. It serves as a central interface through which any content from different sources flows together. For example, content from the website, social media or user data from the CRM system flows into the app. 

The third architecture layer is the app itself. It is based on the JavaScript framework Vue.js, the open-source web framework Ionic and the associated native open-source runtime Capacitor. This combination enables a high-quality app for iOs and Android devices.


The added for the customer is also the added value for the users

The app was used to digitize the art experience offered as well as to bring together various information and services of the Bundeskunsthalle centrally. Among other things, the new Digital Foyer contains current and future exhibition and event information as well as 360-degree views of the premises. The app can also be used as a digital media guide while visiting an exhibition. By scanning QR codes placed throughout the exhibition, visitors can access supplementary audio tracks or sign language videos as well as additional exhibit information.

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