Flex-Office at SUNZINET: An interview with Alexander Wunderle and Theresa Demuth

SUNZINET, one of the largest owner-managed digital agencies in Germany, has developed and independently implemented a new flex office concept. The increasing digitalization and mobility of employees has also changed the demands on the working environment. Alexander Wunderle, CEO of RheinReal, interviews Theresa Demuth, COO of SUNZINET and responsible for the new concept, about the approach and the objectives.


New Work - How the new concept is aligned with employee needs

With the new Flex-Office concept, SUNZINET wants to meet the needs of its employees and offer them an optimal working environment. Together with an internal team, Demuth developed a suitable concept. It was clear to her that every corporate culture has individual requirements: "There is no golden road for everyone, but you have to listen to what your employees need,'' says Demuth. That's why all stakeholders were involved in the decision-making process. One of the measures was a survey on the intranet about the new flex office concept.

In order to meet work requirements, the office will be divided into two large areas from now on. There are 'Stable Zones' for those who come to the office almost every day or for employees who work with confidential documents.

The other area is divided into different 'Flex Zones'. There are 'Collaboration Zones' for creative teamwork or 'Silent Zones' for concentrated work. To ensure that new employees receive the best possible induction, they sit together with their mentors in 'onboarding zones'. There are also 'one-on-one zones'. These are intended for trusting discussions or sitting together in a private and modern environment. For Demuth, personal exchange is an essential aspect for interpersonal relationships. In reference to this, she says: "I think that's also becoming more and more important these days. If you don't see each other that often, you should at least do it at a high level.''

Seats are booked flexibly via a self-modified app. The new concept has enabled SUNZINET to create 50 % more workstations with the same room size. An important aspect for the digital agency, as the number of people is growing monthly. With the Flex-Office, SUNZINET has taken another step towards a modern and hybrid work culture.

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