Yazaki: the new Digital Workplace landscape for the Japanese automotive supplier

To improve internal information management, Yazaki Europe commissioned SUNZINET to establish a modern intranet. Yazaki employs over 290,000 people and is represented as a global player in over 50 countries. One main goal was, to solve the decentralized intranet structures and to optimize the internal knowledge management.



Trust through years of partnership

SUNZINET and Yazaki have been working together on various digitalization projects for many years. In addition to a website relaunch, we have initiated an HR campaign and managed the previous TYPO3-based intranet in the past.

Together, we set ourselves the task of implementing a user-optimized intranet and integrating it ideally into the existing tool landscape. The solution: SharePoint Modern.


The added customer value

The previously decentralized intranets Intranets are now located on a common technical environment. This increased usability and linked the shared knowledge. Accordingly, this overview page was also integrated into Microsoft Teams and now enables a direct jump from this central tool to the intranet.

With the launch of the SharePoint intranet, we have created a platform that ensures good usability through a detailed full-text search and clear, concise designs. In addition, the new system is user-friendly from the perspective of editors. Pages can be easily edited, news can be flexibly set and individually designed.


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